12 Monkeys Press Roundtables, New York Comic Con 2015


New York Comic Con 12 Monkeys press roundtable featuring interviews with Emily Hamphshire, Amanda Schull, Barbara Sukowa, Todd Stashwick, Aaron Stanford, Kirk Acevedo, and Executive Producer Terry Matalas.

View  the Season 2 Trailer.

Author: Dot R

Dot has been bouncing around various fandoms for many years now writing essays, episode reviews, commentary, and reporting news and conducting interviews, among other things. Along with being a DC, Star Wars, and Supernatural fangirl, Marvel has become one of her main obsessions, along with the Marvel and DC television universes and the MCU. She’s also a fan of science fiction television shows, everything from Farscape to Killjoys to 12 Monkeys. Currently Fangirl at Large covering numerous geek culture related topics, convention news, casting spoilers, show news, and interviews.