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  • iZombie 3×4 Review: Wag the Tongue Slowly

    iZombie is one of those shows that can seamlessly transition back and forth between the brain of the week and the overarching story, and “Wag the Tongue Slowly” was a perfect example of that. Not only did we get a perfectly complex murder to try and solve, but we learned more about Ravi’s cure and […]

  • The Expanse 2×12 Review: The Monster and the Rocket

      Every episode of The Expanse is intense, but as far as penultimate episodes go, “The Monster and the Rocket” had me on the edge of my seat. Between Errinwright waffling on Earth’s diplomacy to Naomi’s tear-jerking mission to save as many on Ganymede as possible, it felt like my emotions were on a roller […]

  • iZombie 3×2 Review: Zombie Knows Best

      This was one of the season three episodes that I was so looking forward to. “Zombie Knows Best” ended up being so much better than watching Liv and Major on father and teen daughter brains; it ended up being extremely Clive-heavy and, at times, heartbreaking.

  • The Expanse 2×10 Review: Cascade

    All of the pieces of the puzzle in The Expanse are finally falling into place. “Cascade” was politically very heavy, but had some very intimate moments that were actually a welcome reprieve from all of the action happening around the solar system. I would argue that many viewers probably felt that “Cascade” was a bit […]

  • The Expanse 2×8 Review: Pyre

    This was my favorite episode of season two. It had everything: amazing story, incredible visuals, and no boring filler (not that The Expanse usually does). “Pyre” felt like a penultimate episode even though we still have two more episodes of season two left, and it makes me hungry for what is to come over the […]

  • The Expanse 2×6: Paradigm Shift

    The characters of The Expanse are constantly surprising me by doing and saying the unexpected, and “Paradigm Shift” kept with that theme. I was especially surprised (and excited!) to see a brand new character played by one of my favorites, Sam Huntington.

  • The Expanse 2×1 & 2×2 Review: “Safe” & “Doors & Corners”

    You guys, The Expanse is back! Our favorite hyper-realistic space opera has come up for another round of political intrigue, spaceship battles, and kickass female characters. Based on “Safe” alone, The Expanse seems to have another successful and engrossing series of episodes in store for us.

  • Fan Artist Friday: BurntPixels

    Imagine that you’re planning a geeky wedding, and want something unique for centerpieces at the reception instead of the typical flowers and candles. How about some nerdy light boxes? Or how about the soft glow of the TARDIS to help you fall asleep at night? Christina Fidalgo of BurntPixels creates just those things, and I […]