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  • Gotham 2×4 Review: Strike Force

    I was wondering how Gotham would continue its current dramatic pace after the events of the previous episode, and this week the writers made it clear that they indeed have a few surprises. I enjoyed “Strike Force” because it showed the villainous mastermind, Theo Galavan, start to play some of his cards for total control […]

  • Gotham 2×3 Review: The Last Laugh

    This week’s episode of Gotham gave me two things I enjoy about the show very much: more crazy bisexual Barbara, and Baby Bruce and Kitty Selina interactions. It also presented the audience with a very surprising twist at the end. The fate of the city is still up in the air, and I love it! Jerome’s […]

  • Gotham 2×2 Review: Knock, Knock

    It’s clear that the writers of Gotham have put their fate in the villains. This week’s episode showed them in all their psychotic glory, and while some scenes might be too gory for some viewers, I’m enjoying the new direction the show has taken. When Gotham first started I had high hopes for it. However, […]

  • Marvel “Secret Wars” Titles You Should Read!

    The huge Marvel event under the name Secret Wars is almost at an end come next month, and while we will be seeing an All-New All-Different Marvel, there are some Secret Wars tie-ins you should definitely read. Check out my favorite picks! Keep in mind that this list simply details my favorite titles from the […]