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  • New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Reveals Unseen Footage!

    A new trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad live-action film was released during the MTV Music Awards. The trailer showed new footage to viewers and revealed a bit more about what to expect from a movie that has DC comic book villains as the main leads! Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our […]

  • New Avengers Issue 9 Review: Up From the Depths

    New Avengers continues the Standoff tie-in with issue #9 ‘Up From the Depths’. I knew that a giant Godzilla-type creature was going to attack the young heroes but what I wasn’t expecting was the anime inspired Kaiju route the story would go in, complete with giant Kaiju fighting robot! Read our before commenting. Please do […]

  • ‘Digimon Adventure tri: Kokuhaku’ Visual Revealed!

    While we still have to wait a few months for the release of the third film, titled Kokuhaku (Confession), in the Digimon Adventure tri series, the visual has been provided to fans with hints about what they can expect from the plot. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to […]

  • ‘Hit the Floor’ Summer Special Greenlit by VH1!

    Fans of Hit the Floor are anxious to find out when they’ll be getting a season 4. However, while VH1 hasn’t confirmed a fourth season yet, we will be getting an hour-long special summer episode. It’ll be barely enough to get us through the hiatus, but I’ll take it! Read our before commenting. Please do […]