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  • ‘The Magicians’ Gets Renewed for a Second Season by Syfy!

    Looks like fans will continue attending Brakebills College for Magical Padagogy next year, because Syfy has renewed The Magicians for another season! According to Variety, The Magicians was renewed by Syfy for a sophomore season. The new season is set to air sometime in 2017, and will consist of 13 episodes. The Magicians hasn’t aired […]

  • Lincoln Cole talks about ‘Second Chances’!

    Today we have author Lincoln Cole with us. Check out our exclusive interview with where we talk about his current titles, and future projects! Lincoln Cole writes in various genres, and that makes him a versatile author who attracts different kinds of readers. Please introduce yourself to our readers. I am a software developer who writes […]

  • Wiccan and Hulkling enter LEGO Marvel’s Avengers!

    One of the most queer-inclusive Marvel superhero team, the Young Avengers, can be unlocked in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers video game! Play as Wiccan and Hulkling! I have been a fan of Young Avengers ever since the title’s debut, especially due to the team members Wiccan and Hulkling. While the new young characters were inspired by […]

  • Hit the Floor 3×3 Review: Fake Out

    In this week’s episode of Hit the Floor ‘Fake Out’, Jude and Zero hooked up, Ahsha came back to the Devil Girls, and Jelena and Terrence went public as a power couple. The Derek/Ahsha/German love triangle in Hit the Floor is only going to get worse. German warned Ahsha about falling in love with Derek, […]