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  • The 100 3×16 Review: Perverse Instantiation Part Two

    In “Perverse Instantiation Part Two”, Clarke takes the flame and the chip and finds herself in the City of Light, racing against time to find the kill switch and defeat Alie once and for all. Wow, there’s so much to discuss! With Ontari brain dead, our intrepid band has extremely limited options. Clarke’s plan to […]

  • Someone Please Explain “Diversity” to CBS

    When CBS unveiled its fall slate, it didn’t take long to notice a pattern. Of the eight new shows that the network picked up for the 2016-17 season, six of them have a white, male lead. CBS has never really been the network that tries experimental programming – that is, if not that having shows centered around […]

  • “Black Panther” Just Keeps Getting More Awesome

    Black Panther doesn’t even come out for two years, but it’s already a highly-anticipated movie, thanks in part to its star-studded cast that just added another: Michael B. Jordan is rumored to be joining. Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa (aka Black Panther) was a big hit with fans following his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in this month’s Captain […]

  • Ladies of SPN Convention Needs Your Help!

    This weekend marks the inaugural Ladies of SPN Convention – a fan-run Supernatural con that seeks to feature exclusively female guests, be they from the cast, crew, or fandom. But it needs your help. The con still needs donations to make sure it can operate to its fullest extent and perhaps even return for a second year. […]

  • Celebs Speak Out About Living with Anxiety, Depression

    There has been an influx of celebrity interviews in the past week that discuss, even focus on, their struggles with anxiety and other mental health issues. Chris Evans, Kristen Bell, and Colton Haynes are among those who have recently given candid answers to questions about their anxiety, perhaps in an effort to break the stigma […]

  • Alicia Vikander Forms Female-Led Production Company

    By all accounts, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander is having a pretty good year. On the heels of landing the role of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot and winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in The Danish Girl, Alicia is launching her own production company with her London-based agent, Charles Collier. Read our […]

  • The 100 3×14 Review: “Red Sky at Morning”

    “Red Sky at Morning” chips away at Alie’s plan, but with only two episodes of The 100 left this season, her motivation isn’t being revealed fast enough. It’s very boring to watch a show where the good guys always win. Likewise, it’s boring – and frustrating – to watch a show where the good guys never win. […]