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  • Book Review: “Dumplin'” by Julie Murphy

    I’m a fat girl. As a fat girl, I enjoy reading books where the protagonist is also a fat girl, especially when they are portrayed as they should be – which is just like everyone else. Usually when the main character is fat, the book is all about how they are fat and what it’s […]

  • An Interview with Leigh Bardugo

    Before attending the BookExpo back in May, I made a list of the galleys that I wanted to pick up and starred those that were absolutely necessary for me to acquire or I would be sad and mopey for months. I only starred three titles, and one of those was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I’ll […]

  • “Mad About the Hatter” Is a Quick, Fun Read

    So apparently Alice (as in the Alice) has a younger brother, Henry – a brother who has never believed Alice’s ridiculous stories of a magical place called Wonderland. However, things are happening and Alice needs Henry to believe her because she needs his help, so she conspires to send him to Wonderland so that he can see it […]

  • “The 100” Season 3 Sneak Peek Shows a Very Different Clarke

    The 100 executive producer Jason Rothenberg shared a sneak peek at Clarke from season 3, and I think we all can agree that she looks a little different. If you remember, season 2 ended with Clarke seeing her people safely to Camp Jaha before heading off into the sunset on a walkabout of self-reflection, unable […]

  • Josephine Angelini Continues to Enchant with “Firewalker”

    The second in Josephine Angelini’s Worldwalker trilogy, Firewalker picks up immediately after Trial by Fire left off – with Lily returning to her world, this time with Rowan in tow. However, Lillian will stop at nothing to bring Lily back, so Lily must build up her strength – and her coven – so that she can even […]

  • “A Whole New World” Is Just More of the Same

    When I found out that Disney Publishing was releasing a series of YA books retelling classic Disney movies, I was excited. The idea of a series putting new twists onto familiar tales from my childhood really appealed to me, since the Disney versions are usually much more happily-ever-after than the source material. The first book […]

  • Are You Worthy? “Court of Fives” by Kate Elliott

    I’m very intrigued by the world that is introduced in Kate Elliott’s Court of Fives – a world where the ruling class of light-skinned Patrons and the lower class of darker-skinned Efeans are forbidden to intermarry, among other things. We catch glimpses of this world as main character Jessamy struggles to save her family from […]