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  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×79 Review: Reunion with Mitsuki

    With the focus of the current arc falling back on Mitsuki, I am looking forward to seeing what Boruto and his friends decide to do after the events that occurred in ‘Reunion with Mitsuki.’ Orochimaru’s son is clearly planning something! Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. […]

  • Angels of Death 1×16 Review: Stop crying and smile

    The previous episode of Angels of Death left us with a cliffhanger. Were Zack and Rachel going to be able to leave the building, or was Danny going to kill them? Episode 16, “Stop crying and smile” doesn’t make us wait too long to find out. With Father Gray looking out for them, Zack and […]

  • Angels of Death 1×15 Review: A vow cannot be stolen

    At the end of Angels of Death episode 14, it felt like Rachel and Zack were finally going to make their escape from the building. Instead they found a seemingly never-ending staircase and that someone had triggered a self-destruct sequence. “A vow cannot be stolen” starts where “Swear you will be killed by me” left […]

  • Angels of Death 1×13 Review: I’m not Your God

    After a one week hiatus, Angels of Death episode 13, “I’m not Your God”, started off right where episode 12 ended. Zack is watching a video that reveals some very surprising things about Rachel. Zack is disturbed, but Danny thinks it’s hilarious. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other […]

  • Figure Skating & Geekery: A Chat with Skater Austin Borjas-Ewell

    Figure skating and geekery has crossed paths a lot over the years.  Just check out the amazingly geeky skating programs that showed up at the Olympics just last year.  One such skater who blends fandom and skating is the up and coming Austin Borjas-Ewell from San Antonio. Austin has been skating since the age of […]

  • Free 3×12 Review: Dive to the Future!

    “Dive to the Future” is the perfect end to the season, and it ended in true Free! fashion with a lot of laughing, a lot of reinforcing of relationships, and completely leaving you frustrated by cutting out the race you’ve been waiting all season for. But I couldn’t be too upset…because we’re getting more Free! Read our […]