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  • Black Butler Chapter 116 Review: The Butler, Attired

    The 116th chapter of Black Butler “The Butler, Attired” was basically fangirl fodder from beginning to end. And that’s perfect! “The Butler, Attired” spent much of the chapter dressing Sebastian up like a doll.  Do you hear that? That’s the sound of nobody complaining.  Did it slow the plot down? Sure.  Could it have been […]

  • Black Butler 115 Review: The Butler, Heeding

    The Butler, Heeding picks up right where the last chapter left off, with more tidbits about our new mysterious reaper Othello. The Butler, Heeding doesn’t linger long on Othello, but we do learn that he’s in forensics and has been sent down to Earth on some sort of special mission.  On top of the fact […]

  • Black Butler 114 Review: The Butler, Assaulting

    Black Butler 114: The Butler, Assaulting was basically wall to wall fangirl fodder.  And you know what? That’s fine. It’s all fine. The chapter began with Ciel and Sebastian regrouping after their independent investigations and exchanging information.  Mere moments after they’ve boarded their taxi and left the scene, Sebastian smells blood and Ciel.  He immediately […]

  • Black Butler Chapter 113 Review: The Butler, Independent

    My Black Butler fangirling heart was massively consumed by the tidbits about the movie that came out earlier this week (to be released in 2017!), but we also got a new chapter in the ongoing cult plot in the manga. I just can’t catch a Black Butler break this week can I? Not that I […]

  • Black Butler Chapter 112 Review: The Butler, Soloing

    Every once in a while Black Butler will have a chapter that’s a total head-scratcher.  Now is one of those times. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though.  The last chapter that left me in a fit of giggles this extreme was the ‘THE PHOENIX’ thing from way back in the Compania arc.  It threw me […]