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  • Win Tickets to the SDCC Screening of AIR!

    Many of us here at The Geekiary are fans of The Walking Dead – both the show and the comics – and fans/attendees of San Diego Comic-Con as well. I recently received an announcement that excited me enough to want to share it: Scion Audio Visual has partnered with Skybound Comics (that’s right, Walking Dead […]

  • What can we do to #SaveHannibal ?

    This afternoon Fannibals around the world were crushed to hear that NBC officially pulled the plug on Hannibal.  We’ve been struggling ever since Season 1 to keep the show on the air and it’s been on the verge of cancellation repeatedly, but somehow managed to pull through at the last second.  This time, we weren’t so lucky. […]

  • The Shatterproof Challenge: Interview with Ariana Rowlands

    I recently spoke with Ariana Rowlands who participated in the Shatterproof charity’s rappelling event in Orange County in California on Monday, June 15, 2015.  Shatterproof is an organization that raises money to help protect people from addiction and the stigma involved for those suffering from the disease. Ariana was inspired by Supernatural’s Misha Collins to […]

  • Mockingjay Part II: The First Last Trailer?

    At long last, Hunger Games fans, our wait is over. For months (really, since the first trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 came out), we’ve been cooling our heels and waiting for the announcement of the Part 2 trailer. The trailer itself was a series of nonverbal appearances of characters like the glamorous Effie, punctuated with […]

  • Is Cartoon Network Wiping the Ben 10 We Know with a Reboot?

    I’m a fan of Ben 10. It’s a show that gave the world an amazing female character, Gwen Tennyson, and also taught me the concept behind parallel universes and time travel. While Ben 10: Omniverse saw the series travel a new path with an older Ben Tennyson and his new partner in crime-fighting, Cartoon Network seems […]

  • Lois Lane Deals with the Fallout of Being Too Awesome

    Lois Lane, army brat, has just started her new school in Metropolis. She is determined to turn over a new leaf, hoping that her…behavioral issues…won’t follow her here. That plan gets shot to hell on her very first day, when she overhears a fellow student go to the principal asking for help dealing with bullies…and […]

  • Top 5 Galleys I Can’t Wait to Read

    Every year at BookExpo America and BookCon, I go through the list of books that will be featured and make an Excel spreadsheet (color-coded!) of all the titles that I want to pick up. Usually I come home with more than fifty books, half of which I never end up reading. This year, I tried […]

  • Ice & Fire Con: A.K.A. “Camp for Game of Thrones Fans”

    This is the year that myself and many others involved with Ice & Fire Con finally understood one very important thing – we’re less a convention and more a weekend camp for Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones fans. Ice & Fire Con 2015 was version 3.0, and we definitely stepped things up a […]