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  • The Geekiary’s Fall TV Schedule!

      The Fall TV season is about to begin! We’d like to let you know what we plan on watching and what type of coverage you should expect. New Shows It should come as no surprise that all of the new shows we’re looking forward to this season are comic book related .  It’s definitely […]

  • You Will More Than Like “Please Like Me”

    There aren’t a lot of shows that have a main LGBTQ+ character in it. Whenever I find out about one I try to check it out and recommend it to you. About a month ago I found out about “Please Like Me”, and I have to say that it’s one of the best shows currently on TV. The main […]

  • Doctor Who 8×4 Review: Listen

    It’s tempting to say that this episode was very ‘Moffat’, but to say that has become synonymous with ‘disappointment’ in many circles and that would be a detriment to “Listen”, because it is far from disappointing. While it does fall prey to Moffat’s self indulgent call backs and overuse of paradoxical predetermination, “Listen” is more […]

  • BOOM! Studios Announces “Sleepy Hollow” Comic Series

    Sleepy Hollow fans (or “Sleepyheads”, according to their fandom) only have a little over a week until the second season of FOX’s supernatural hit begins. But just in time for Halloween, fans can get their hands on a four-issue comic series exclusively from BOOM! Studios, according to Comic Book Resources. The series, which will debut […]

  • Teen Titans Getting Live-Action Series! One Too Many?

    It seems DC is all about bringing as much of its characters to the small screen as possible. Teen Titans is the latest comic book franchise that we will hopefully get the pleasure of seeing on our TVs. We already got two animated versions, and now a live-action series is in the works. Even though […]

  • ‘Teen Wolf’ Bloggers and PR Confusion

    A large portion of the Teen Wolf fandom has been growing increasingly critical of the show lately and many fandom news outlets such as The Daily Dot, Fangirlish, and even us have begun to point out things that have been upsetting to many fans. This is a common occurrence with many popular shows, especially those […]

  • And the Fangirls Rejoiced: New Pictures of Peggy Carter

    Everyday I think I couldn’t possibly be more excited about Marvel’s Agent Carter and every day I am proven wrong. Not only is the ever adorable Hayley Atwell galavanting her way around LA tweeting up a storm about the show’s preparations but we now know that Peggy Carter will make an appearance in the premiere […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×12 Review: Smoke and Mirrors

    The problem with Teen Wolf is that every time I tell myself I’m done with this show, every time I swear that this is the last season I will watch, it goes and reminds me why I fell in love with it to start with. Because I am so in love with these characters (the […]

  • Review: The Flash Pilot — Living in the World You’re Saving

    One of the pilots shown at the Paley Center in NYC this past weekend was The Flash, the spin-off from the CW’s Arrow. Barry Allen, like Oliver Queen, is an iconic pre-existing character drawn from decades of comic book stories. As with Arrow, The Flash takes these familiar elements and creates its own version for […]