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  • American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3 Review

      American Horror Story: Coven started out strong and has no intention of slowing down. (trigger warnings for rape, incest, and abuse) In the first two episodes of the season we got introduced to the rivalry between the Voodoo practitioners of New Orleans and the witches of Salem along with what the Voodoo Queen, Marie […]

  • Has Teen Wolf Social Media Lost its Edge?

    Social media has become an increasingly important – if not the most important – part of marketing for film and television. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr allow fans to engage directly with creators. Nielsen has started accounting for tweets and word-of-tweet recommendations can literally make or break a television show. These days a strong […]

  • Supernatural Review 9×03- I’m No Angel

    It was the episode many fans have been dreading. I’ve been dreading it myself, but probably for different reasons than most. Personally, I wasn’t looking forward to having to write reviews for three episodes in a row that essentially say “please don’t hate this female character.” Those articles are no fun to write. But I’ve […]

  • Almost Human Pushed Back 2 Weeks

    Almost Human was set to premiere just two weeks from tonight. People were practically counting down the hours and tuned in to tonight’s episode of Bones in droves just for a sneak peak of the show.  The sneak peak itself was fabulous (I love the term “ro-bromance” so thank you for that), but the news […]

  • The Walking Dead 4×02 Review: Infected

    On last week’s season premiere of The Walking Dead, it rained zombies and we learned about Rick’s three questions. But we begin this week with 0 days without an accident, and our survivors don’t get much further than that before one of the cell blocks is attacked. And at the same time, Maggie and Carl […]

  • Lone Commander’s Top 5 Non-Gory Halloween Specials/Episodes

    Halloween is a time to revel in the macabre, the weird, and the terrifying. These animated stories prove that you can pull all of that off without crossing into a PG-13 rating. 1. Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular and Scary Godmother 2: The Revenge of Jimmy These two specials are based off Jill Thompson’s book/comic characters. […]

  • White Collar Premiere: At What Price

    Last season left us off at a hell of a cliffhanger; FBI agent Peter Burke was arrested for a murder he did not commit.  A murder that was in fact committed by the father of his best friend and CI Neal Caffery.  It was self defense, but the slimy conman ran still ran off, leaving […]

  • Reign: Pilot Episode Review

    Imagine if The Tudors had been made by The CW. Your reaction to that image should be a decent indicator as to whether or not you will enjoy Reign. Anyone that is upset or annoyed by historical inaccuracies should walk away right now because this show will probably give you an aneurysm. There’s no denying […]

  • Elementary Review: Poison Pen

    Sherlock certainly does have some interesting acquaintances. This week we’re introduced to Mistress Felicia when she calls Sherlock for help after finding her new client on the floor, dead. Sherlock and Joan arrive on the scene and quickly deduce that the client did not overdose; he was poisoned. Sherlock also notes an element of sexual […]

  • The Dresden Files: Is It Worth Watching?

    Any time I say ‘The Dresden Files’ you, of course, start to think about that television show which aired on the SyFy (then still named Sci-Fi) channel several years ago. Oh, wait, some of you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, do you? Well, in this case some explanation is needed. The Dresden Files was […]