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  • Supernatural 9×10 Review: Road Trip

    Many fans had very strong reactions to this episode, but oddly, I found myself going against the grain and feeling rather disconnected for most of it.  Perhaps the weak first half of the season has dampened my excitement for the show or perhaps my faith in the show over all is beginning to waiver.  Whatever […]

  • Teen Wolf 3×14 Review: More Bad Than Good

    This week’s episode picked up right where the previous one ended. It told us a bit more about what Derek and Peter have been up to, and it kind of brought closure to the Malia Tate story. However, the best thing was the ending. Peter and Derek are rescued by the same mysterious girl we […]

  • Sherlock 3×03 Review: His Last Vow

    We made it to the finale! Only 12 days ago we were on hiatus and here we are launching into another one. We ended on yet another cliffhanger, which isn’t exactly a surprise with this show. Showrunner Mark Gatiss even warned us about it in advance, but if he hadn’t it would have still been an […]

  • Teen Wolf 3×13 Review: Anchors

    Did you know that when you die and come back to life there could be lingering side effects? Perhaps a better word is consequences. Well Scott, Stiles, and Allison are certainly learning that in the first episode of the second half of Season 3. They made a sacrifice, and a sacrifice involves giving something up. […]

  • Sherlock 3×02 Review: The Sign of Three

    The following article may contain spoilers. The middle episode of Sherlock seasons is traditionally less connected to the general plot and framed more as a standalone episode. We had The Blind Banker and The Hound of Baskerville before this and while there were bits at the end of each that teased the seasons big bad, […]

  • Sherlock 3×01 Review: The Empty Hearse

    For two years us Sherlock fans have been waiting for our beloved characters to return. We’ve absorbed all the bits of information from the set, clung to the creators’ every word, and grown extraordinarily excited over the few seconds of footage fed to us by the BBC. Two years is a long time for hype […]

  • Doctor Who Review: The Time of the Doctor

    Losing the Doctor is always an emotional experience.  This one in particular hit me hard because Matt Smith is “my” Doctor.  Almost all Whovians have one Doctor they grow particularly attached to and for me it was his 11th incarnation.  While I have been very much critical of Moffat’s writing, particularly how he writes the […]

  • Sherlock 3×00 Review: Many Happy Returns

    For two long years the Sherlock fandom has waited for new content in our short, but highly addictive, television series and now here on Christmas Eve we get a small seven minute appetizer.  The first episode of season three will air on New Years day, but today we were given the mini episode Many Happy […]

  • American Horror Story: Coven 3×09 Review: Head

    I’m going to try and keep this short because nothing new happened in this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven. And what did happen wasn’t really that surprising. I guess in a thirteen episode season, there are bound to be some filler episodes. The episode focused on parental relationships and an ending that set […]