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  • Arrow 3×02 Review: Sara

    After last week’s shocking death of Sara Lance a.k.a. Black Canary, it was no surprise that tonight’s episode centered around its effect on the Arrow team as they try to track down her killer. My first takeaway from the characters’ reactions centers around the women’s reaction versus that of the men. Felicity is visibly shaken […]

  • The Flash 1×02 Review: Fastest Man Alive

    Usually after the pilot, a series can lack a bit of finesse. This is not always the case, but happens more often than not. The Flash is definitely one of the exceptions to that rule. Though I’m hoping they are going to drop the voice over like Arrow has, I can see why it might be […]

  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2×4 Review: “Face My Enemy”

    Sometimes filler episodes can be truly magnificent, like this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which was basically a bit of fun, but as that fun involved a heavy focus on Agent Melinda May, including actual Philnda fake-dating for important spy reasons and double trouble Ming-na against Ming-na fisty-cuffs, I am so very here for […]

  • Supernatural 10×02 “Reichenbach” Review

    So far Supernatural season 10 has lived up to all of my expectations. I need to say right off the bat that I absolutely love Jensen Ackles’s portrayal of Demon Dean (like Robbie Thompson, I refuse to say Deamon). He’s not our big ol’ teddy bear anymore – he has definitely “gone dark”, as Sam […]

  • Sleepy Hollow 2×4 Review: “Go Where I Send Thee…”

    I love this show, I really do. Seeing Abbie and Ichabod interact every week is an absolute delight and I am genuinely intrigued to find out what absurd thing is going to happen next. But the monster-of-the-week format is getting a little stale. This episode was fun and I enjoyed watching it but it wasn’t […]

  • Gotham Review 1×4: “Arkham”

    I never thought I’d actually care about the Penguin. Years of being an avid Batman fan and not once have I given Oswald Cobblepot more than a perfunctory notice. But if Gotham has accomplished one thing, it’s made me interested in this character. As portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor, Cobblepot is a dynamic and engaging […]

  • Doctor Who 8×8 Review: Mummy on the Orient Express

    “Mummy on the Orient Express” was very Doctor Who. That might not seem like high praise but considering that – with the exception of “Robot of Sherwood” – most of this season has been decidedly un-Whoish I can’t think any better compliment that saying that this was a very Doctor Who episode of Doctor Who. […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×01 Review: No Sanctuary

    Tonight’s season premiere of The Walking Dead started on a very different note than what I expected, with the flashback to Gareth and Alex in a train car at Terminus, followed by a flash forward to Rick and company readying themselves to attack as soon as the train car door is opened. Unfortunately for them, […]

  • Arrow 3×1 Review: The Calm

    Despite its title, tonight’s season 3 premiere of Arrow was anything but calm. Though Moira Queen’s death toward the end of season 2 was sadly memorable, Slade Wilson was defeated and it seemed like things in Starling City were back to normal (as normal as they could be, anyway…). “The Calm” quickly put that assumption […]

  • Supernatural 10×01 Review: Black

    The season 10 premiere episode had a lot of character interaction that I enjoyed, though a couple of lines did rub me the wrong way. Despite the occasional twitch worthy dialogue I was happy to see some of my favorite character duos developing their relationship further. Sam and Cas have been woefully underdeveloped as friends […]