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  • Lost Girl 4X11 Review: End of the Line

    I am caught in a conundrum.  I have so much to say about this episode and yet I’m at a complete loss for words.  So, only for you dear reader will I try and put what I think into some sense of wording and phrasing and maybe you can let me know how you are […]

  • Shameless 4×10 Review: Liver, I Hardly Know Her

    This show is going to kill me!  Fiona went off the deep end, but this crisis seemed to bring everyone together by showing how much Fiona means to them.  Frank seems to have luck coming out of his ears when a deadly situation turns in his favor.  Kev and Veronica had their baby girls without […]

  • Walking Dead 4×15 Review: Us

    Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was the second to last one in season four, and it opened with some characters that we haven’t seen in quite a while – Glenn and Tara, and Abraham and company. However, at first the focus seemed to be on Abraham and Tara, though thankfully after their late night […]

  • Hannibal 2×4 Review: Takiawase

    I really didn’t want to be right with my predictions for certain character trajectories, but sadly the cliffhanger seems to indicate that I was on the right track.  Things are truly starting to unravel for Hannibal and those that have trusted him are beginning to see who he really is.  Unfortunately tonight was probably the […]

  • Lost Girl 4X10 Review: Waves

    This week’s episode of Lost Girl opens with Bo looking into a mirror, covered in blood spatter, and echoes of her friends’ pleading voices. What did Bo do?!  Where are her friends? After three seasons of WTF moments, Lost Girl attempted to provide us some answers this episode;  mostly in blue tinted flashbacks and flashbacks within […]

  • Glee 5×12 Review: 100

    This week marked the 100th episode of Glee and it brought back so many memories. Though I was happy to see the original Glee characters back I was a bit disappointed with the story and how much screen time some of them got. However, it was still enjoyable and next week we will find out […]

  • Supernatural 9×16 Review: Blade Runners

    This episode marked the return of Crowley and, subsequently, the return to the actual overarching plot of the season.  On that front, I was very happy about this episode – I make no secret of the fact that I prefer the overarching plot and returning secondary characters over monster-of-the-week episodes with one-off characters that we […]

  • Teen Wolf 3 x 23 Review: Insatiable

    Well, it finally happened. After months of teasing from Jeff Davis and the Teen Wolf publicity along with months of fan speculation and sheer panic, we experienced the first death among the central core characters of Teen Wolf. And it was pretty painful. Before going into that, however, let’s look at the rather cramped episode […]

  • Shameless 4×09 Review: The Legend of Bonnie and Carl

    Phew, what an episode.  Frank appears to be in his final days, Debbie turned into a stalker ex-girlfriend, and Fiona kept hitting walls due to her newly collected felony. Mickey “moved into” the Gallagher house but with a heavy cost.  There were some tough moments in this episode, ones that made me choke up and […]

  • Walking Dead 4×14 Review: The Grove

    For the third-to-last episode in the fourth season of The Walking Dead, viewers were given what was likely one hell of a shock – unless of course they’d read the comic books and followed any of the theories surrounding the Samuels sisters. The opening scene of The Grove was more than a little creepy, but I […]