Convention Gear


Bags and Backpacks

If you’re going to a convention, you have to have a good pack to put things in.  Most people opt for backpacks or messenger bags.  Go with what makes you comfortable and what you think you can carry around with you for hours at a time.    In our store we’ve collected some fabulously geeky designs to store everything you need for your convention.


Some conventions provide lanyards for badges, others don’t.  Sometimes it just feels good to have a second lanyard to keep your badge in place.  We’ve gathered some geek themed lanyards to help keep that badge secure.

Autograph Books/Journals

Want to jot down some convention memories?  Grab an autograph on the fly? Take notes about what you want to see?  Get a journal! We have a bunch of geeky designs in our shop!

Essential Electronics

Take care of your electronics in style with this geeky collection of gadget essentials.

Pre-Con Entertainment

Before you head to the convention, check out some of these convention themed show episodes, documentaries, and books to get yourself in the mood!