MegaCon Orlando 2018 – Of Hobbits and Dinosaurs

MegaCon Orlando 2018This past convention season hasn’t been a particularly great one for me. This year, MegaCon Orlando 2018 definitely broke the bad con streak. I had the pleasure of taking a press moment at the Love is Love Mixer at MegaCon Orlando 2017 and this year attended as accredited media.

Regrettably, I didn’t have much of a chance to explore panels and guest Q&As this year. MegaCon Orlando 2018 boasted numbers of over 100,000 this year and I’ll hazard a guess that about half of those attendees were waiting to catch a glimpse of Jason Momoa at his table on Sunday.

The convention changed its location between 2016 and 2017, which made for an uncomfortable walk back and forth for most of the attendees. I’ve stayed at the Rosen Centre every year and we had quite a hike for 2017. MegaCon Orlando 2018 moved back to its original spot, and the travel between the hotel and the convention was MONUMENTALLY easier so a huge kudos on that. However, the walk to get the tickets was AGONIZING.

While I understand the reason, I felt like I was walking around my elbow to get to my thumb. I appreciate the prompt response of the Carma Connected press team but there seemed to be communication issues between the Carma and the attending convention volunteers. A bit frustrating at first, it didn’t have an affect on my weekend, though. Shout out to Sydney for being so accommodating!



The Jurassic Park exhibit by Coulumbe Enterprises!


The convention had some cool displays, some of which I managed to snag a few cool photos at, including the Jurassic Park studio back lot display by Coulombe Enterprises. The 501st Legion was there with its Mandalorian Prison and a very, er, graphic display of Luke’s childhood home burned to a Tattooine crisp. Cecil Grimes and Richard Dixon, both renowned cosplayers and Walking Dead actor impersonators, were also in attendance with their prison walker display, also by Coulombe Enterprises.

The third level of the convention hid a very special treasure that I happened upon quite by accident: Harry Potter-themed escape rooms! Due to scheduling conflicts, though, I was unable to participate in any of them. Next year, I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll be there for MegaCon 2019 because I plan on trying to get through all of them. The ladies at the tables didn’t break character once.

This year, the MegaCon Orlando pulled some INCREDIBLE guests, including all of the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe, the legend himself Jeff Goldblum, Jason Momoa, Elijah Wood, and even Norman Reedus appeared for a day before work called him back to the set.

Moshi hosted the official MegaCon Orlando afterparty but I didn’t attend and preferred to catch up with old friends by the pool at the Rosen. Hey, everyone needs a break now and then!



Images from around MegaCon2018

I think one of the things that makes MegaCon so unique is both its accessibility and its appeal to a broad group of fandoms. The convention recognizes its niche and I hope that the conventions continue to grow from here, welcoming further guests, including more interactive booths and displays, and offering more hands on exhibits to envelope fans into convention culture.

Until next year, so long, farewell, and thanks for all the dinosaurs.

You can view more photos from MegaCon Orlando 2018 on The Geekiary’s Instagram page and also on Bekah’s instagram!



Author: Bekah

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