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Welcome to The Geekiary’s Sherlock Masterpost, where you can find reviews, news, and meta on everything related to the popular BBC show.

Below you’ll find a link to our season 3 Spoilers Masterpost as well as reviews for each individual episode.  During the filming of the third season of BBC’s Sherlock we had the privilege of gathering fan gathered photos and information graciously posted online by fans who were on the scene.  While we were unable to make it to the set ourselves, we are incredibly grateful for the intrepid Setlocker crew for sharing their experiences. As next season gears up and starts to head into production we’ll be here again to compile everything we can find and bring it to you.

Are you in London and want to help us with our Sherlock set coverage?  Drop us a line!  We’d love to have an official member of our crew present!

2016 Special
The Abominable Bride

Series 3
3×00: Many Happy Returns
3×01: The Empty Hearse
3×02: The Sign of Three
3×03: His Last Vow

#Setlock 2013: Fan Gathered Spoilers from the Set

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