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  • Academia & Geekery: A Chat with Travis Langley

    San Diego Comic-Con is a place for nerds to gather and talk passionately about all the geeky things that excite us.  One such fabulous nerd is the psychologist and author Travis Langley, who has written numerous books analyzing various geeky properties from a psychological perspective. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content […]

  • Should Calling Off The Wedding In Batman Issue 50 Matter?

    Batman Issue 50 was promoted by DC Comics as a huge event with numerous tie-ins and variant covers. It was supposed to be a cumulation of Tom King’s story centering on the love shared between Bruce and Selina. However, after reading the latest issue I find myself asking whether calling off the wedding was worth […]

  • Gotham Season 4 Coming To Blu-ray And DVD This August!

    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will be releasing Gotham season 4 on Blu-ray and DVD come August 21, 2018. Fans will soon to be able to binge-watch the entire season that set up things to come in the fifth season. The upcoming home release will also feature extra content. Read our before commenting. Please do not […]