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  • Adventure Time 8×20 Review: “Slime Central”

    The wild ride of Adventure Time: Elements continues in “Slime Central” as Finn and Jake blends in the Slime Kingdom to retrieve one of the elemental jewels needed to save Ooo. “Slime Central” begins with the brother duo dropping down on Ice King’s skyhooks and into the Slime Kingdom. Finn wonders if it’s a good […]

  • Adventure Time 8×19 Review: Cloudy

    After their escape from the Ice Kingdom (as much as it can be called an ‘escape’, since Patience was basically went, ‘kay do whatever you want’), our heroes retreat to the Cloud Kingdom to regroup and make a plan in “Cloudy”.

  • Steven Universe Soundtrack Will Rock the Cosmos Coming This June

    Grab your favorite audio daddy-o, because the Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1 will be available globally starting Friday, June 2nd, 2017. Yesterday, the 11th of April, the official Cartoon Network Twitter created a poll asking “Steven universe soundtrack, Yay or Nay?” A whopping 86% percent answered YES!, so it is clear fans are majorly on […]

  • Adventure Time: Elements Will Be an All-New Eight-Part Miniseries

    Grab your swords and robot son because Adventure Time will return with a new episode on Friday, April 21, followed by the eight part miniseries Adventure Time: Elements premiering on Monday, April 24! “The Orb” will air at 7:45 PM EST on April 21. Returning from their Islands adventure, Finn, Jake and BMO fall under […]