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  • Steven Universe Podcast a Must-Listen for Fans

    The official Steven Universe Podcast just wrapped a first season filled with great interviews and awesome behind-the-scenes insight into the Cartoon Network show. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged.

  • Adventure Time 9×2 Review: Son of Rap Bear

    Yo, here’s a little story ‘bout a princess named Phoebe, She had hot rhymes and hotter hair. But when someone threatened to steal her country, She knew she had to take on the “Son of Rap Bear”. Flame Princess, Finn, and friends are having a good time at the classic Clam Rap bonfire. Finn tries […]

  • Steven Universe 5×03 Review: “Off Colors”

    Steven Universe: Wanted… and hunted! By killer robonoids! Thus, Steven and Lars go into hiding deep in Homeworld’s underbelly, where they meet four (or five, or eleven) Gems ostracized by society for being “Off Colors.” “Off Colors” follows the direct aftermath of “The Trial,” right after Blue Diamond’s Palanquin has plummeted to the ground. Steven and […]