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  • The Guy with the Iron Throne: A Dragon Con 2015 Report

    Imagine my surprise when a friend of mine, Josh, showed up at my annual “Welcome to Dragon Con” dinner and announced that he had built an Iron Throne and carted it to Atlanta from his home in Alabama. I was more than a little bit excited to hear about this, and I definitely flagged him […]

  • A Conversation with Dean O’Gorman

    On the last day of Dragon Con, I got to sit down and have a great, laid-back interview with Dean O’Gorman, who played Fili in the Hobbit trilogy and also starred as Anders Johnson in the New Zealand TV show The Almighty Johnsons. This was was a great way to wrap up my press coverage […]

  • Tara Lynne’s Dragon Con Survival Guide

    This year I have a fairly large group of friends who are attending Dragon Con for the first time ever. Because of that, it’s been brought to my attention that there are a lot of Dragon Con “survival guides” out there…and I’ve already had to explain away several things that they got wrong. So I […]

  • The Geekiary’s 2014 Convention Round-Up!

    Many of The Geekiary’s authors are frequent con-goers, and this year was one busy year for a few of us! So here is our first annual Convention Round-Up post, where we talk about some of our favorite convention experiences from 2014…   Which conventions did you attend this year, and what was your favorite of […]

  • Comic-Con vs. Dragon Con: A Pre-Convention Comparison

    There’s a lot to be said about the many geek-themed conventions springing up around the country, but two of the most talked about are definitely San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon Con. I’ve been attending Dragon Con since 2012, while this year was my first SDCC experience…and though they are two entirely different conventions, I still […]

  • Summer Cosplay Series 1×14: Tammy & Ian

      Summer is almost officially over, and with it comes the end of our first cosplay series at The Geekiary! Our last interview features Tammy, and because her husband Ian cosplays along with her more often than not, we get to hear a bit about cosplaying as a couple. Additionally, Ian is a graphic designer and […]

  • Summer Cosplay Series 1×13: Theresa

      Sadly I missed posting this ‘on time’ this past Friday, but I didn’t want to leave out any of the awesome cosplayers who I had the fortune of interviewing, so here’s a Monday installment of The Geekiary’s Summer Cosplay Series! It’s my second to last interview of the year, in fact, and features another […]

  • Cosplay Fun at Dragon Con

      Now, I’m no photographer or cosplay master, but Dragon Con is, in my opinion, the best convention for cosplay. By far. While there’s more to come in regards to my thoughts on and experiences at Dragon Con 2014, for now enjoy some of the fun cosplay I caught sight of over Labor Day weekend […]

  • Summer Cosplay Series 1×11: Becca

      For Dragon Con week, I bring you Becca – a cosplayer who, thanks to our mutual love for The Walking Dead, I actually met at Dragon Con last year! Becca is a Georgia native and she and I co-admin the Dragon Con Walking Dead Costuming Group on Facebook.   When did you start cosplaying, and […]