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  • The Expanse Season 2: New Trailer & Release Date

    Hold on to your butts, Expanse fans – we finally have a season two trailer and release date! I don’t know about you, but once I finally got around to binge watching the first season, I’ve been itching for news about The Expanse season 2. Of course some of the production and cast members attended […]

  • An Intro to Syfy’s ‘Van Helsing’ from SDCC

    I love it when new shows debut, especially when they happen on one of my favorite networks, Syfy. Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, I was able to attend the official first panel and press roundtable event for Van Helsing, a new show set to premiere on September 23 on Syfy. Read on to learn about […]

  • Why Battlestar Galactica Is Binge-Worthy Sci-Fi

    Science fiction is one of the few genres within popular culture that successfully places the metaphorical mirror right in front of us. That mirror reflects back our human nature, why we do the things we do, and our personal vices and virtues as individuals. Throughout the 20th/21st century, there have been shows that do this well. One in particular that does it best is […]

  • The Magicians 1×04 Review: “The World in the Walls”

    In “The World in the Walls”, The Magicians went a bit off the rails. Literally. The bulk of the action in this week’s episode of The Magicians takes place inside Quentin’s head. Julia, angry and hurt after their confrontation last week, conspired with Marina and Kady to cast a spell on Quentin, effectively trapping him inside his […]