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  • The Walking Dead Volume 28 Review: A Certain Doom

    WARNING: This article contains spoilers through “A Certain Doom”, Volume 28 (issues 163-168) of The Walking Dead comics. As a long-time fan of The Walking Dead comics, I don’t like admitting this…but with “A Certain Doom”, it seems past time for this series to end. This may seem like a sudden change of heart for […]

  • The Walking Dead 7×15 Review: Something They Need

    And just like that, after watching “Something They Need”, I’m once again glad that we’re nearing the end of this season of The Walking Dead. Seriously, was anyone else bored out of their mind during “Something They Need”? I have to assume that I wasn’t alone in feeling that way; I had to outright remind […]

  • The Walking Dead 7×14 Review: The Other Side

    After weeks of not knowing what was happening at The Hilltop, “The Other Side” gave us quite a bit of insight; the question is, was any of it worth the wait? Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged.