Technical FAQ

Technical FAQ

Who runs your social media accounts?

We’ve got a page breaking that down right here!

I have a project of my own that I want to write about.  Can I post about it on your site?

We are big fans of helping other geeky projects along.  As long as it fits the general theme of our website we’d love to interview you about it.  In exchange, helping advertise us or name dropping us in your own project would be super fabulous!  We’re all about geeks helping other geeks propel their personal projects forward.  You should contact us!  We do get a lot of requests, though, so we apologize if we cannot accommodate every project brought to our attention.

Why didn’t my comment get posted?

Posts with certain profane language or excessive links get caught in our spam filter.  Read our policies for more information.

Why was my comment deleted/edited?

I would like to once more direct you to our policies.