Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2015: Cosplay & Exhibit Hall Highlights

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my first Walker Stalker convention at Navy Pier! While I had a great time fangirling over the actors at their panels and spent a regretful amount of money at the exhibit hall, I was also able to hunt down some amazing cosplayers around the convention and attend the cosplay contest. Fair warning, this is an image-heavy post! (Some of these may be a bit graphic. It is The Walking Dead, after all!)

Here are some pictures I took of the cosplayers. Which one is your favorite?

Daryl with his youngest fan

This spot on Glenn and Maggie

Comic book versions of The Walking Dead Characters

Hershel Greene

Prom night walkers

A pregnant walker and her baby

A tall, cowboy walker

A cosplayer with a beautiful dress made out of pages from The Walking Dead comic book

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White

Green Lantern, Batman, and Robin


In addition to the cosplays, there were also some amazing artists who were selling their artwork at the convention. Here are some of my favorites.

Stitched from the Crypt

Cory Smith Art

Levi Craig Art

Jason Palmer Art

Carla Wyzgala Carlations


Tony Santiago Art

It was great to see so many talented cosplayers and artists at Walker Stalker Con Chicago. I hope that I can see them again next year!

Author: Pearl

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