What Angel’s Watching

I graduated with a BA in Film & Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz and now spend most of my time rambling about shows, movies, and representation in the media.  Outside of being the admin and author for The Geekiary I’m a freelance writer for a number of blogs, photographer, and social media consultant.  I do a lot of things for a lot of people!  What I want to do for you here is to recommend some of my favorite shows, movies, and other media and hope that you can find something interesting to entertain yourself.  

This is NOT an all inclusive list of things I watch, but rather just a snippet of things I’ve recommended on this blog.  That said, I’m always open for more recommendations in the comments!

Current Shows:

Best New Shows 2015/2016
The Expanse
I did a guest spot at Friends of Comic Con going over this incredible realistic science fiction show.

Best New Shows 2014/2015
The 100, Agent Carter, and iZombie
These three shows all feature badass women protagonists and diverse secondary casts.  It’s been a great year for diversity on TV.

Best New Shows of 2012/13 
orphanblackOrphan Black, Elementary, Hannibal

The 2012/13 TV season was a surprisingly high quality one for new shows.  These three grabbed my attention right away and I think everyone should give them a shot.

Orphan Black
Of the above three shows, this one deserved a special recommendation.  I’ve never been pulled into a show so quickly and become so invested in the characters like I have with Orphan Black.

Past Shows:

Babylon 5
This is one of those shows that gets dismissed due to its age and dated appearance.  Don’t let that hold you back, though! This is easily one of my top 3 favorite shows of all time.

Taken the TV Miniseries
Taken is probably one of the most underrated and forgotten science fiction series in existence.   The series follows several generations of three unique families and weaves real UFO history in and out of the fictional narrative.

By far my favorite TV show of all time. This show takes a basic good vs evil premise, sets it in the Dust Bowl in a traveling carnival, and delivers one of the most visually stunning shows ever to grace TV.


Science fiction is always evolving with the changing fears of the society we live in.  Interstellar has captured our current fears regarding the fate of our planet and the abandonment of our space exploration program.

Mads Mikkelsen Films
I discovered Mads Mikkelsen through his role as Hannibal on NBC’s hit show, but I quickly discovered that he has a long acting career filled with many incredible films.  I quickly binge watched many of his greatest hits.


Anime- Black Butler
I’m so addicted to this show.

Webseries – Adult Wednesday Addams
This is by far one of the most entertaining web series I’ve ever watched.

Anime – Yaoi Recommendations
Yaoi is a term used to describe anime that features two men involved in romantic and/or sexual relationships.  I watch a lot of it.  Here are my favorites.