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  • Lionsgate is making a ‘Naruto’ live-action film and I am worried!

    Lionsgate is ready to bring Naruto into the realm of live-action films and I am more than just concerned. Hollywood doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to adapting manga/anime series to the bid screen and there’s a huge possibility it will be another failure. Lionsgate presented successful franchises like The Hunger Games, […]

  • Junjou Romantica 3×3 Review: Finding Hen’s Teeth

    Usagi is jealous of a perceived threat to his relationship with Misaki. Misaki doesn’t know how to do the whole “talk about your feelings” thing.  The sky is blue.  Water is wet.  These are facts that are true every day from this day until the end of time.  Thankfully this week’s episode of Junjou Romantica […]

  • Junjou Romantica 3×2 Review: Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail

    The latest episode fixed a lot of the issues that I had with the premiere.  I’m grateful for that because I don’t want to be watching only for the Miyagi/Shinobu episodes.  It was fixed in an unexpected way, though.  Usagi’s father, whom I had previously detested, seemed to knock some sense into him over the […]

  • Avatar: The Legend of Korra Will Return As a Comic Book!

    Avatar: The Legend of Korra fans got their wish, because Korra’s story will live on! While it won’t be a new animated season, you’ll get to follow the young Avatar’s story in a different format. According to CBR, The Legend of Korra will live on as a new comic book from Dark Horse. The good […]

  • Naruto Gaiden – Naruto x 709 Review: I’ll Protect You

    Nothing much happened in this week’s manga issue of Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage in terms of plot because it was quite action-oriented. Seeing Sakura fight it out with Shin was a treat, and Salad revealed some of her hidden powers. Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage: I’ll Protect You more or less cemented […]

  • Naruto Gaiden – Naruto x 708 Review: The Real Thing

    The Uchiha clan drama is hitting me right in the feels, and I don’t know how much more I can take of Sasuke not having an honest talk with his family. With how things progressed in Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage: The Real Thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the much anticipated family meeting […]