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  • Naruto x 690 Review: Ninjas…!!

    Did this week’s issue of Naruto finally show the end of the Ninja World War? With Kaguya finally being sealed by Naruto and Sasuke, what will happen next? I predicted that Kaguya being attacked by Team 7 meant that that the female antagonist will be sealed and that was shown this week. I still feel […]

  • Love Stage!! 1×8 Review: Men’s Style

    This episode spent a large portion of the time summarizing parts of the story that we’ve already seen in prior episodes and new material, including things that happened prior to the first episode of the series. We get to see more of Rei’s backstory and passed a major turning point in Izumi’s life. This also […]

  • Love Stage!! 1×7 Review: Could This Be…

    It was an agonizing wait to see how the cliffhanger scene from last week’s episode would play out but the resolution to the whole debacle was quick and mostly satisfactory. The romance between Ryouma and Izumi is blossoming in an adorably sweet way despite the rocky start. They’re a couple I’m proud to cheer on. […]

  • Naruto x 689 Review: I Like You

    This week’s manga chapter of Naruto was all about Team 7 finally working together to take down Kaguya. The team went on the offensive and their strategy looked successful. Was Kaguya really defeated this week? I’m not really sure but I do hope so. Kakashi obtained two sharingan’s in the previous issue and even activated […]

  • RWBY Volume 2 2×4 Review: Painting the Town…

    The first half of Painting the Town… moves quickly, cutting between each of the girls and their respective tasks. No time is wasted, and for a show that’s only around fifteen minutes long per episode, I’m glad they don’t. This week’s episode of RWBY started exactly where last week’s left off, with Penny explaining that she’s […]

  • The Legend of Korra 3×11 Review: The Ultimatum

    I know I have shared my interest in finding out more about the Red Lotus, but after this week’s episode of The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change I want them all dead. Zaheer and his team started out as antagonists I could understand. I didn’t agree with their methods but at least what they […]

  • Summer 2014 Halfway point: Hits and Misses.

    For each new anime season, I do try to make a point to check out what’s gaining buzz in the community. Sometimes I’m a little late to the party, and sometimes it isn’t until the next season has started that I even get time to really invest in finding the gems. Usually I’ll discover one, […]

  • Love Stage 1×6 Review: What Kind Of Test Is That

    We’ve come so far in terms of character development in the span of just six short episodes. While Ryouma’s questionable restraint around Izumi is still an ongoing issue, he’s evolved from the cliched pop star into an altogether caring character that I’ve developed a large amount of sympathy for. Rei isn’t just a guy in […]

  • RWBY Volume 2 2×3 Review: A Minor Hiccup

    A Minor Hiccup starts with something we’ve all been looking forward to, new character outfits! Okay, maybe it’s just me and my fellow cosplayers going all sparkly eyed at finally seeing our girls in civvies, but the new outfits are predictably wonderful, keeping with the girls colour coding and personalities perfectly. The girls make plans to […]