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  • Steven Universe Review 3×13: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

    “Kiki’s Delivery Service” is a delightfully cheesy episode of Steven Universe that falls somewhere between Hayao Miyazaki and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “Kiki’s Delivery Service” ticks off at least two storytelling techniques that the Crewniverse has honed to an animated science: fleshing out a previously background character Simpsons-style and creating a world-within-a-world setting that mixes human and Gem […]


    May the fourth be with you, fellow fangirls! It’s Star Wars day, which doesn’t really mean anything except that Star Wars is awesome, but that’s true everyday. Also Star Wars is on the cover of Vanity Fair, and I’m going to need one of my US-based friends to get me one of those because if there […]

  • FEELINGS Daily: I HATE April Fool’s Day!

    Hi yes, it is my most hated day of the year. You can accuse me of not being able to take a joke all you want, but let’s be real, A LOT of people use today as an excuse to be a general jerk. The only April Fool’s Day joke I’m interested in is Google […]

  • Comic-Con San Diego 2014 – Exhibit Hall Adventures

    Looking back to the great San Diego Comic Con of 2014, the Exhibit Hall was the most wonderful place. The Exhibit Hall is my favorite area of the SDCC, where dreams come true. Also a place where friendships begin, mighty contests, long hunts, great rewards, rare sights happen. This year, the area was also a place of […]

  • SDCC – Comic-Con International: San Diego

    Members of The Geekiary staff have been attending San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) for many years. Below you’ll find all of our San DIego Comic-Con coverage, including exclusive interviews, press roundtables, panel summaries, event guides, and SDCC tips/advice for how you can navigate the biggest geek culture convention in the United States. Whether you are looking […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×10 Review: Monstrous

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf built on the previous one and we got to know more about the real Benefactor. Monstrous was an okay episode for me. But that’s been the case with Teen Wolf this season. The episodes are either at an okay level or just plain filler. So, Meredith wasn’t the actual […]