The Geekiary is a geek news and analysis website started by fans, for fans.

The Geekiary was founded in 2013 as a place for fans to report on geeky news from a “fan perspective.”  We began as a WordPress blog with three authors and some supportive friends.  We’ve since grown into our own online digital news outlet with over a dozen frequent contributors and many many guest contributors. With over 9 million views and over 16,000 comments, the Geekiary has fostered an active community of diverse geeks across the globe.  

We’re fans.  We have a lot of FEELINGS.
This is where we talk about them.
We hope you’ll join the conversation!

The Geekiary is also proud to support fan works and shine light on underrepresented voices in media through content creator interviews, reviews, and recommendations.  We take pride in our analysis of current geek culture and media and work hard to bring you latest news about the fandoms that we love.

We’ve been used as a reference on the following notable websites:

BBCSyFy | Fortune | Yahoo! News (2)| Daily Dot | Vox (2) iO9 
Comics Beat | The Backlot | Buzzfeed | The Mary Sue | Kotaku
 Medium | Business Times | Transformative Works
The Atlantic | Vulture | Tor | Hollywood LifeTV Line
New Now Next | Metro | Pride | Pink News
Looper | Broadcaster Podcast

We’ve also been cited as a source on the following online encyclopedias & dictionaries: 

 Wikipedia | TV Tropes | Superwiki | Fanlore
Steven Universe Wikia
| Know Your Meme | Narutopedia

Members of our team have hosted panels at San Diego Comic-Con, MegaCon, KawaiiKon, and various other cons and events across the United States.  As of 2019, we’ve got a few Hugo Award Winners, too, thanks to AO3.

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Established: March 3rd, 2013