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  • A Time-Traveling Heroine – Tart Season 1 Review

    If you enjoy supernatural themed comics featuring women heroes, then you’ll love Tart! It’s an exciting paranormal adventure featuring Tart Acid and her coworkers who travel through time fighting demons while trying not to attract the attention of hell itself. Tart Season 1 containing issues 1-7 is now available in nonstop trade format for the […]

  • “Petals to the Metal”: Graphic Novel Review

    The newest addition to The Adventure Zone graphic novel series has crossed the finish line in my heart and effortlessly drifted into first place. Petals to the Metal is packed with fantastical wagon races, emotional overtones, Garyl the binicorn, and a beautiful queer romance. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole […]

  • Nightwing Issue 72 Review: “Welcome to the New Family!”

    Nightwing issue 72 continues the “Journey to… Joker War” and keeps the same momentum going that we saw in the previous issue. The amnesiac formally known as Ric Grayson is beginning a new adventure. This time with a new family. Only this family spells disaster for his real friends and family! -Read our before commenting. […]