Join the Team!

The Geekiary is looking for team members!

We began as a humble WordPress blog with three contributors in 2013.  We’ve now grown into our own independently hosted website with about twenty frequent contributors and dozens of guest contributors over the past eleven years. 

Our articles have been referenced on notable websites such as Fortune, Yahoo! News, Daily Dot, Vox, iO9TV Line, XO Jane, Comics Beat, MetaFilter, The Backlot, Buzzfeed, The Mary Sue, Kotaku, and more!  We’ve also been cited as a source on various online encyclopedias including Wikipedia, TV Tropes, and the Superwiki, as well as having our review cited on the DVD box for the film Undrafted.

We’d like to continue to grow and we’d love if you were a part of it!

About the positions:


  • Contributors produce articles (300+ words) on a quarterly basis (at least once every 3 months).  The volume of articles you produce is up to you, though we expect at least some contribution each pay period.
  • Please submit: A link to a written piece related to fandom or media with your name or pen name as a byline.


  • Editors are promoted from existing contributors.  If you are interested in this position, let us know and after we’ve gotten a good grasp of your writing, we’d love to have you help copyedit our content. 


  • Administrators are the backbone of the website.  We run most of the social media, contests and giveaways, and do all that boring technical work that makes the website function.  The current group consists of people who have been with the Geekiary since near the beginning, but we’re happy to invite enthusiastic, consistent contributors to the team.  Stick around and help out!


  • Willingness to communicate with our team via Discord.
  • Basic blogging experience.  We will provide a tutorial for WordPress, SEO, and our writing standards.
  • A passion for media, fandom, and geek culture.


  • A voice from a diverse group not currently represented by Geekiary staff.  We strive to represent diverse experiences in geek culture.
  • Interests in a topic not thoroughly covered by current Geekiary staff: gaming, podcast recs/reviews, fandom/geek activism, theme parks, webcomics.
  • Interest in applying for press badges after a 90 day probationary period.


The Geekiary runs on a transparent profit-sharing model which all contributors can review in real-time. We’re a small outlet and largely depend on ad revenue to pay our bills.  We augment this with income from merchandise, YouTube, and Patreon.  The profit after website expenses are deducted are shared between contributors based on their participation per quarter (3 months).

The Geekiary also has the following perks:

  • After 90 days of consistent contributions to the website you will become eligible to apply for press badges for conventions.  These badges are often discounted or completely comped by the convention.  The Geekiary administrative staff will provide support during the application process, such as writing letters of intent and providing website statistics as needed.  The Geekiary does not pay for convention badges.
  • The Geekiary will pay for shipping and packaging on any items you contribute for our Giveaways.  If items are hand crafted specifically for an event, we are happy to negotiate payment for the work that went into creating that items as well.
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