Dragon Con

Dragon Con

Image Courtesy of Dragon Con Media Relations

The Geekiary at Dragon Con

Dragon Con is a multi-genre convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend.  Below you’ll find a list of convention guides, interviews, webcasts, and con reports.

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Dragon Con 2016 Guest Announcement: Gillian Anderson!
iZombie Actors Take a Bite Out of Dragon Con 2016
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Tara Lynne’s Dragon Con Survival Guide
DragonConLand (2015 – A DCon Virgin’s Guide)

One Week Until Dragon Con: Featuring the Dragon Con Social Media Director! (2014)
Katie Cassidy Talks Black Canary (2015)
A Conversation with Dean O’Gorman (2015)
The Guy with the Iron Throne (2015)
When Guardians Meet Gilmores: Sean Gunn at Dragon Con 2017

The 100 Panel (2015)
The Best of Dragon Con 2016 Panels: Streaming Services vs. Cable TV
Dragon Con 2017 Panel Report: Game of Toxic Masculinity, Part 1
Dragon Con 2017 Panel Report: Game of Toxic Masculinity, Part 2

FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (Episode 8 – August 2015)
FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (Dragon Con 2015 Edition)
FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (Dragon Con 2016 Edition)
FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (Dragon Con 2017 Edition)

General Reports
Cosplay is not Consent: The Dragon Con Edition (2013)
Cosplay Fun (2014)
Comic-Con vs. Dragon Con: A Pre-Convention Comparison
The Geekiary’s 2014 Convention Round-Up!
The Geekiary’s 2015 Convention Round-Up!
Dragon Con 2016 Cosplay Highlights
Five Years of Dragon Con (Dragon Con 2016)
Kriketkru: The 100 Fandom at Dragon Con 2016
Rock and Role Models: Steven Universe at Dragon Con 2016
The Geekiary’s 2016 Convention Round-Up!
Dragon Con 2017: Of Con Crud and Cosplays