Dragon Con

Dragon Con
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The Geekiary at Dragon Con

Dragon Con is a multi-genre convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend.  Below you’ll find a list of convention guides, interviews, webcasts, latest convention news, and con reports.  The Geekiary has been attending this convention since our founding in 2013 with official coverage picking up the following year.

Guides & Tips

First time con attendee? Need tips on how to make the most of your con?  Wonder how it stacks up against other cons? Check out the following guides:

Dragon Con Survival Guide
DragonConLand (A DCon Virgin’s Guide)
Comic-Con (SDCC) vs. Dragon Con: A Pre-Convention Comparison

dragon conNews
Dragon Con Continues to Evolve with New Logo (2014)
2016 Guest Announcement: Gillian Anderson!
iZombie Actors Take a Bite Out of DragonCon 2016
Last Minute Dragon Con 2016 Updates
Dragon Con Cuts Whedonverse & Tolkien Tracks (2017)
Sheraton Atlanta Announces Questionable Rate Hike for Dragon Con 2017

One Week Until Dragon Con: Featuring the Dragon Con Social Media Director! (2014)
Katie Cassidy Talks Black Canary (2015)dragon con katie cassidy
A Conversation with Dean O’Gorman (2015)
The Guy with the Iron Throne (2015)
When Guardians Meet Gilmores: Sean Gunn (2017)
Zombies and Warrior Lesbians: Jessica Harmon at Dragon Con (2018)
Rose McIver Interview (2019)
Malcolm Goodwin Interview (2019)

The 100 Panel (2015)
The Best of Dragon Con 2016 Panels: Streaming Services vs. Cable TV
Panel Report: Game of Toxic Masculinity, Part 1 (2017)
Panel Report: Game of Toxic Masculinity, Part 2 (2017)
Dragon Con Overlooks Non-binary Rep in Good Omens (2019)

FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (August 2015)
FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (2015 Edition)
FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (2016 Edition)
FEELINGS…with The Geekiary (2017 Edition)

General ReportsCosplay at Dragon Con 2019 stranger things
Cosplay is not Consent(2013)
Cosplay Fun (2014)
The Geekiary’s 2014 Convention Round-Up!
The Geekiary’s 2015 Convention Round-Up!
2016 Cosplay Highlights
Five Years of Dragon Con (2016)
Kriketkru: The 100 Fandom at Dragon Con 2016
Rock and Role Models: Steven Universe at Dragon Con 2016
The Geekiary’s 2016 Convention Round-Up!
Return of Spacekru: The 100 at Dragon Con 2017
Of Con Crud and Cosplays (2017)
The Geekiary Goes to Dragon Con (Again) (2018)
Dragon Con 2019: The Geekiary Takeover
The 100 at Dragon Con 2019: Dragon Con Has 99 Problems but The 100 Ain’t One
Dragon Con 2019 Roundup: What’s a Little Brains Between Friends?
Cosplay at Dragon Con 2019: Scoops Troop Ahoy!

Geekiary Co-Admin Tara Lynne’s A Geek Saga Podcast: Dragon Con Episodes
dragon con2019Dragon Con 2017 Game of Thrones Lookback Panel
Dragon Con 2017 “Defenders, Unite!” Panel
Dragon Con 2017 The 100 Fan Panel
Dragon Con 2017 Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse Panel
Dragon Con 2017 Vikings Fan Panel
Join the Resistance Panel (2018)
“Sons of the Dragon [Con]” Panel (2018)
“There Must Always Be a Stark at Dragon Con” Panel (2018)
Religion in High Fantasy Panel (2018)
“White Walkers, Wargs, & Weirwoods, Oh My!” Panel (2018)
Red Dead Redemption Fan Panel (2019)
Heroic Journeys in Game of Thrones Panel (2019)
Game of Thrones Final Season Panel (2019)
Apocalyptic Psych 101 Panel (2019) (feat. Geekiary author Bekah)
Dragon Con 2019 Fire & Blood: Targaryen History Panel (2019)
“Nailed It or Failed It? Game of Thrones Character Arcs” Panel (2019)

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