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  • 4 Ways Media Can Improve How They Show Disabilities On Screen

    Another convention has passed without much discussion of a nagging issue: how show runners depict disabilities on screen. Good representation is so important, and so simple. We spoke with some experts in the field to come up with five ways entertainment media can up their game when it comes to handling disabilities on screen. Editor’s […]

  • The Unexpected Activism Weapon: K-pop Fans

    America is having a moment right now. Years of frustration over issues of police brutality and racial disparity have culminated in night after night of protests in cities across the country. This period of unrest was immediately triggered by the recent murder of George Floyd.  In the online activism arena a secret weapon has been […]

  • BiNet USA Is Back On Twitter & Pretending Their Flag Grab Was About… Racism?

    BiNet USA is back on Twitter again, and this time they’re pushing their “no, you don’t understand, we’re the good guys” agenda HARD. The thing is, they’re still swinging at artists and creators under the guise of “advocacy”.  -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. […]

  • PUBG MOBILE Encourages Players to Stay Safe with #ChickenDinnerAtHome

    As the World Health Association (WHO) continues to recommend people remain indoors and practice social distancing, PUBG MOBILE is supporting the global #PlayApartTogether movement by offering players and community members new in-game events and content. The all-new “Chicken Dinner at Home” campaign is currently available. It’s all about encouraging players to have fun while staying […]