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  • His Dark Materials 1×02 Review: “The Idea of North”

    His Dark Materials continues to be the adaptation we deserve. “The Idea of North” maintains the melancholy, somewhat creepy tone that was established in “Lyra’s Jordan” while showcasing some phenomenal acting, particularly from Ruth Wilson, who was absolutely incredible in this episode. -*Read our before commenting.* Please do not copy our content in whole to other […]

  • Crunchyroll Is Bringing Its A Game to Anime NYC

    Anime NYC is back for its third outing this weekend, and Crunchyroll, as the convention’s official partner, is bringing its A-game. With various activities and activations spread across two booths, as well as various panels and premieres, Crunchyroll at Anime NYC 2019 is proving why it’s the world’s most popular anime brand. -*Read our before […]

  • Haikyuu Chapter 372 Manga Review: “Another Challenger”

    Remember how I said I didn’t intend to review the Haikyuu!! manga weekly because I didn’t think I could keep up with it? Well, call me a liar, because here I am ready to review another chapter. I can’t help it. Chapter 372, “Another Challenger”, is like Christmas came early. -*Read our before commenting.* Please […]

  • His Dark Materials 1×01 Review: “Lyra’s Jordan”

    I have been waiting for this series to premiere for years. His Dark Materials, based on the trilogy by Philip Pullman, gets off to a spectacular start with “Lyra’s Jordan”, a perfect introduction to the world for those who may be unfamiliar with it, and a welcome return to those of us who already know it […]

  • The Dragon Prince Season 3: We Have a Trailer!

    This is one series whose return I’ve been anxiously anticipating. It’s felt like forever, but it’s only been about nine months since we last saw Callum, Rayla, and Ezran. Now, three weeks before it drops on Netflix, we finally have The Dragon Prince Season 3 trailer! -*Read our before commenting.* Please do not copy our […]

  • SuperHoech & His Badass Lois Are Coming to a TV Screen Near You

    I’m too excited to come up with a stupid Superman-related joke, so I’ll just get straight to the news. Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch are getting their very own show on the CW, fast becoming the official television network of DC Comics! Superman & Lois is in development for the 2020-21 season. All I can […]