Got a question?  We might have an answer here!

General Questions

How is “Geekiary” pronounced?

Like “aviary,” but filled with geeks, not birds.  Geek-ee-air-ee.

Who runs your social media accounts?

We’ve got a page breaking that down right here!

How are you supported financially?

The Geekiary is primarily supported through Patreon and ads.  We also make a small amount of money from merchandise sales.  We occasionally run fundraisers to cover website costs, though these haven’t been needed the past several years.  

I have a project of my own that I want to write about. Can I post about it on your site?

We are big fans of helping other geeky projects along. As long as it fits the general theme of our website we’d love to interview you about it. In exchange, helping advertise us or name dropping us in your own project would be super fabulous! We’re all about geeks helping other geeks propel their personal projects forward. You should contact us! We do get a lot of requests, though, so we apologize if we cannot accommodate every project brought to our attention.

Technical Questions

Why didn’t my comment get posted?

Posts with certain profane language or excessive links get caught in our spam filter. Read our policies for more information.

Do you use cookies/collect data/sell information?

Check out our policies page.

Questions About Bias and Point of View

Do you have an ‘agenda?’

If by “agenda” you mean “set of goals and beliefs,” yes!  Yes we do.  We’ve never hidden the fact that representation matters a great deal to us and we are happy to promote material that helps further the goal of bringing more diversity to geek themed media.  None of us really see why that’s a bad thing.

That said, we consume a large variety of media so not everything we enjoy helps further these goals.  Most protagonists tend to be white, straight, cisgender males so naturally a large portion of the media we consume falls into this as well.  We’d just love to see a broader spectrum of individuals portrayed in the media too.

Outside of representation, many of us have our own personal favorite characters, ships, writers, and other things that may paint our view of certain topics in a certain way.  Not everyone on the Geekiary staff thinks the same way or has the same taste when it comes to these things, so we have no singularly defined encompassing opinion on this front.  This website was started by people who were part of the Supernatural fandom and united over their love of the actor Misha Collins and his character Castiel, but we no longer even actively cover the show.

We support diversity of opinion among our staff and among our readers as long as it’s not hateful, off topic, bigoted, or otherwise against our site policies.

Why do you post about politics unrelated to geek culture?

We are primarily a geek culture website, but in our current political climate many of us have found ourselves becoming activists in many unexpected areas. We are happy to support our staff in their non-geeky political endeavors and hope to foster a community where other politically active geeks can discuss current events.

What do you mean when you say you report “from a fan perspective?”

While The Geekiary is a website started by fans, for fans, we are journalists as well as proud members of our fandoms.  We enjoy reporting on what fans are feeling and asking questions at press events that fans want to hear the answers to.  We keep our ears to the ground on important issues, particularly regarding representation in the media, and try to bring these issues to light in the most positive manner possible.  We’re part of these communities and want to represent fans in the best way we can.  Being fans also means that sometimes we can just squee about what we love unabashedly.

We also love supporting our fellow fans as we are part of these communities ourselves.  We love independent content creators who choose to pursue their passions outside of the traditional production system.  We love writing about crowd funding campaigns, self started projects, and independent writers, film makers, and creators.  We’re fans.  We have a lot of FEELINGS about what other fans are making.  We’d love to talk about it on our blog.

Are you a feminist blog?

Many of the people who run this website are women, and we’re all invested in equal treatment and representation, so yes. Yes, it is. Don’t expect this to constrain our content, though – we’re liable to write and report on any topic and any genre (because, hey, there are no topics or genres that are immune from feminist scrutiny), and we welcome male and gender non-conforming readers and contributors.

Are you a queer blog?

Many people on our staff identify as various identities that can be labeled ‘queer.’ We welcome readers and contributors of all sexualities and gender identities, but we will not tolerate homophobia, biphobia, or trans*phobia in our content or comments sections.

Why do you use the word “queer?” Isn’t that a slur?

“Queer” is a valid identity that is used as an identifier by many people who contribute to the website.  It’s also used in academic circles.  We are not here to argue whether or not some people find it offensive, but to affirm that many people have embraced it, including our staff members and numerous academic institutions.

See our commenting policy page for details about this line of discussion.

So you take this “representation” thing seriously don’t you…

Yes.  Furthermore, we will not tolerate racism, homophobia, biphobia, trans*phobia, ableism, misogyny, or any other kind of discrimination against underprivileged groups in our space.  Please do not bring that here.

Your posts sound biased.  Why can’t you be neutral?

We are a news website as well as a blog.  We don’t hide who we are or where we’re coming from.  Information about the author is available at the bottom of each post and we highlight our writers on our Team Page.