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  • The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep 5 “What’s Yours is Mined”

    The boys are back! After a few weeks off to celebrate the holidays with their families, they finally released the newest Graduation episode, “What’s Yours is Mined.” Following up on the last episode’s ridiculous plan to subpoena a monster, the field trip continues into the mine and encounters the firbolg’s worst nightmare: a riddle. -Read […]

  • The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep 4 “Four Sidekicks Walk Into A Bar…”

    The boys have received their first real-world assignments and have been released into the town surrounding Hieronymous Wiggenstaff’s School for Heroism and Villainy! Will “Four Sidekicks Walk Into A Bar” have the boys get into a fun battle, talk their way out of trouble, or find a lawyer to issue a subpoena for the monster? […]

  • The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 3 “Pursued By Bear”

    The third episode of The Adventure Zone: Graduation, “Pursued By Bear”, comes out a week off-schedule thanks to Thanksgiving weekend in the US, but it was worth the wait. Fitzroy’s familiar is now something of a manservant crab named Snippers, the firbolg learns about entrepreneurship and refuses to lie, and Argo eats some bread. What […]

  • The Adventure Zone: Graduation Episode 2 – “It’s (a) Familiar” – Review

    It’s that time again! The latest episode of The Adventure Zone: Graduation, “It’s (a) Familiar,” serves up more on-brand McElroy entertainment, backstories, lore, and some interactions I’m going to be talking about until the next episode. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © […]

  • The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 1 “Orientation”

    The Adventure Zone: Graduation, promises to deliver an adventure set in Heironymous Wiggenstaff’s School for Heroism and Villainy, a school where students are trained in the art of being heroes, villains, sidekicks, or henchpeople. Travis McElroy is heading up this campaign as the DM, and I absolutely can’t wait to see where he’s going to […]

  • Voyage to the Stars: Your New Favorite Podcast at WonderCon 2019

    I was pleasantly surprised by a last-minute WonderCon 2019 panel that was recommended to me on Sunday afternoon of the convention. Although one of the last panels of the show, Voyage to the Stars ended up being one of my favorites of the weekend. The voice cast led me to the panel, but it was […]