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The Ukrainian people are dealing with unimaginable trauma in the wake of the Russian invasion of their country.  We’ve gathered a list of artists and other creatives you can support financially as they either flee their country or choose to remain in the increasingly dire conditions.

This list of Ukrainian artists and creators includes digital download sales, direct donations, and crowdfunding that benefits creators.  As with most people in Ukraine, artists don’t have time to work on their projects and are focused on their own survival.  These things help get money directly into their hands as quickly as possible.

As with all charitable endeavors, please do your due diligence when vetting each individual recommendation.  Our aim is to support the Ukrainian people in their time of need, but we are unable to fully vet each submission on the list to weed out potential scams. 

That said, we did do a surface level review of each entry and feel confident enough to include each one here for your consideration and review.

Please consider supporting these artists through direct donations or the purchase of digital downloads wherever possible.  Most of the artists are not in either a physical or mental space that would support doing commissions at the moment.  While some may be happy to do so regardless of the circumstances, most will need to focus on their own survival first.

Digital Downloads by Ukrainian Artists

Olga Asadulaeva
Olga offers digital downloads of her art, which includes fanart from many popular titles.  The artist is located in Kharkiv, which has been under bombardment for many days.

“Hello, my name is Olga, I am from Ukraine, Kharkiv city. Unfortunately now I can not send my oil paintings on canvas. But I took photos of my paintings, by downloading these photos you can make a print of my painting, the one you like.(Instant download media file).

All of you know about what is happening in my country and every day I see so many warm words from kind people from all over the world. Know, this is very important for me, and I will always remember your kindness.

Sorry and thank you, for your understanding! God bless you all! Let peace come in my country, Ukraine! 💙💛”

Yuliya Kashina
Yuliya has switched to digital downloads from physical products in light of the war.

“Attention! I had to leave my home in Kharkov and leave all the materials for creating plush pets.

At the moment, our company of 7 adults, 2 children, 3 cats and 2 dogs lives in two rooms in a more or less safe place. Children draw, and my son and I process their drawings and digitize them. This is all I can offer for now.

Pray for Ukraine!”

Nastasia Viktorova
Nastasia’s Esty shop has digital downloads of her art available.  The artist is located in Kherson, which has been receiving heavy bombardments for many days and is currently occupied by Russian forces.

“Thank you for every heart, word, order! You can’t imagine how Ukranian artists appreciate it!”

Larina Magic Art
Larina offers both digital and physical art sales, but shipping has understandably stopped due to the war.  Larina is also located in Kherson, which is under occupation as of this writing.

“Dear visitors and buyers! At the moment, I cannot send you my painting because there is a war going on in my country. Our communications are broken and I can’t send you a package. I will send my painting as soon as our post offices open. I can now sell files for download. I am from now selling DIGITAL artworks which can be used widely (personal use only).

By buying one of those you WILL BE ABLE TO SUPPORT me during this difficult time. You can order any of my paintings and I will make a digital version of it. I am very grateful to my customers and buyers for the mental support! I really hope that these difficulties are temporary and we will stand together! Thank you all so much for your understanding!”

Mary Garashenko
Mary has adorable corgi art available for digital download at her Etsy store.  Mary is located in Dnipro, which has also recently come under direct attack.

“My dear friends around the world.
Help UKRAINE you can help Ukraine, the money from this lot goes to help civilians who are in a difficult situation.

I am a real person, I have a daughter Mira and a corgi dog Misha.
3 days ago we woke up from the explosions in my peaceful city of Dnipro. Russia has declared war on us.
Today, every Ukrainian helps what we can. My team and I create digital illustrations.

All the money will go to buy medicines and provisions for refugees.

Thank you! We believe in victory!”

Anna offers digital downloads on her Etsy store.

“Dear Clients, because of the current situation in Ukraine, I do not ship physical items. I will resume selling paintings and other things I create as soon as our post starts its operations. Meanwhile you can support us by purchasing one of my digital listings, or spreading the word about Ukrainian shops on Etsy. These proceeds will let me support my family, pets and others who need help more than I. Thank you for your help! Anna”

Tiny Star Prints
The Lviv based artist offers digital downloads on their Etsy site.

Nataliya – Paintings Gifts Art Etsy Shop
This artist is located in Lviv in western Ukraine and is selling digital art through their Etsy shop.

“I thank all my customers who wrote me words of support and offer of help. These are difficult times for us, but I am sure that we will stand and overcome this nightmare. With love and faith in a better world without war.”

Oksana Balanovska
Oksana specializes in pet portraits and states that she’s still making them, but orders will be delayed.  Feel free to reach out to her to directly donate if you’d like to give money without the commission.  

“On February 24th Russia invaded Ukraine. We are a country at war. Unfortunately, it can affect the times of dispatch. But we are continuing to fulfill our commitments, creating and shipping the goods. We stand on our land, we will fight for it and we will deliver on our promises and obligations. Pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦”

Tanya Yu Art Boutique
This Kyiv based artist has digital downloads available at their Etsy shop.

Magic Home Studio by Ana
Ana usually creates physical art for the home, but has a special piece of art available for digital download.

Yana Knit Shop
Yes, this is a knit shop, but she’s created a digital print specifically to generate funds during the war.  She lives in the Odessa region and is raising two children under three, supports her mother, and has a sister with a child.  All of them are currently unemployed due to the war.

Mykola Velychko
Another artist who has pivoted to digital, Mykola lives Starokostyantyniv, in western Ukraine.

Sewing Hobby Home Decor
Another fiber artist who has gone digital.

“Thank you to everyone who writes and asks how I and my family are.  Now my family lives in Lysychansk, Lugansk region, Ukraine . R*** are standing around our city. For now, we have food. But we do not know how long this occupation will last. I couldn’t work as usual. I don’t even know when I was able to send orders.”

Direct Donations to Creators

Van J Levent
Their commissions are understandably closed at the moment, but their Patreon is open for direct support.  Monthly membership for their Patreon starts at just $3.

This artist is taking direct donations.

“Hey, guys, I’m still alive! ;;

For the newcomers – I’m ukrainian artist and my family really need money rn, so any help, even small, would be very appreciated!!”

Daria is offering commissions, but has a Ko-Fi set up for direct donations.  As mentioned, a direct donation is often the better option when possible as artists may not have the time or the mental headspace needed to create art for clients.

This artist is also open for emergency commissions.  Reach out to them for information on how to donate directly outside of the commission process as none are currently listed in their bio or pinned tweet.

This artist, who specializes in cryptid art, also has a Patreon.  Their commissions are currently paused due to the invasion but they are appreciative of the attention.

This fanartist has opened emergency commissions.  You can reach out to ask about direct donations.

In connection with the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, my country, I’ll be glad for any support! 💙💛”

Fiber Arts

Embroidery Art by Nat
Natalie offers downloadable embroidery patterns and tutorials at her Etsy shop.

“Hi, I’m Natalie 🌻 Embroidery Artist from Ukraine 🇺🇦 Thank you so much for choosing my embroidery patterns and tutorials! 💜 Follow my shop to receive notifications about sales and new designs! 🌟 Stand with Ukraine! 💙💛”

Natasha Semenchenko – Tutsi Mini World
This artist is offering a digital download on their Etsy shop.

“I am a Ukrainian artist, I am a miniaturist.This store is the only source of income.
My son and I had to flee our home, our country. We walked across the border together – first we ended up in Hungary, with the help of volunteers we reached the Czech Republic. Now we are in the Czech Republic in search of a place to live.
At the moment, I cannot create custom miniature toys, as I did before. I was unable to bring many of my tools and materials for making toys with me.

I ask you for help🙏 All your donations will help me feed my child and pay my rent. I really hope and pray that the war will end soon and my son and I will be able to return and continue to create cute toys for you!

I wish every person on Earth peace, love and not know what it is like to lose your home.

P.S. This is just a picture. You can buy it and support us💛💙 We need your help🙏”

Sasha’s Quilts
Sasha’s Etsy store has digital downloads available.

Vivid Stitch Shop
This Etsy store offers digital downloads for cross stitch patterns.

Collective Ukrainian Relief Funds Benefiting Creators

Help Our Friends in Ukraine by Daniel Wolfe
Filmmaker Daniel Wolfe is raising funds for Ukrainian filmmakers who are out of work due to the war.

“If you’ve ever shot in Kyiv, or if your brand or advertising agency has shot there, I urge you to consider donating to those who are without work during this difficult time. Considering the money saved by shooting there over the years, it’s an honor to be able to give some of that back now when they need it most. The money raised will go directly to them and will be distributed on the ground. Please, let’s help our colleagues and friends in the industry during this tragic time.”

Music for Peace: Support for Kyiv Suzuki School by Arianna Ranuschio 
These young musical talents need our help.

“In the Akademmistechko neighborhood, in the outskirts of Kyiv, not far from where the Russian advance already threatens the local population, is the Kyiv Suzuki Music Academy. The Academy is run by Nataliia, who is violinist, school founder, Suzuki teacher and also chair of the Ukrainian National Suzuki Association. The school relies on seven instructors and has more than seventy students, ages two through twelve, hailing from families across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Unfortunately, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has spelled disaster for the music academy and community of young musicians. The school has suspended operations as teachers and students and their families have sought refuge in the local bomb shelters or have fled the violence to safer parts of the city and its surroundings, West Ukraine, or across the western borders.

School director, Nataliia, chose to remain in Kyiv and reiterated her commitment to support her community until peace returns. The students and their families, Nataliia explains, are either fearful to move to safe locations or lack the resources to do so. With the academy closed, the teachers have no income. And those that have fled worry how they may support themselves and their families while away from home for an extended period. Nataliia remains in contact with them and tries her best to keep the music school community together.”

Other Lists

We aren’t the only ones who came up with the idea to support Ukrainian artists.  Here’s a few other lists you might want to look at.

If you have other artists, feel free to drop links below.  Our website automatically filters out comments with numerous links, but we will approve it once we have a chance to review it and add any relevant links to the above list.

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    Russian aggression against my country forced me to leave Kyiv, Ukraine. And I don’t know if I can go home.
    I lost my home and work I loved, my studio and over 60 of my original oil painting works.
    Now I am starting my life from the very beginning in Czech Republic. Any purchase of yours will be an invaluable help to me and very important to me during this difficult time.
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  2. Hello, Im a Ukrainian artist. Today Ukrainian artists and art professionals remain among the most vulnerable professional groups in society as almost all art institutions and other agents of the creative sector have ceased to operate; some have closed or migrated, others lie in ruins. All of the country’s financial needs have been redirected to support Ukraine’s armed forces in resisting Russian aggression.
    If you want to support me just take a look on my works in Instagram

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