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  • Bisexual Tropes We’d Like To Yeet Into The Sun

    If there’s one thing that really grinds my gears it’s lazy writing. The worse offenders seem to be showrunners who are trying to shoehorn representation into something without actually knowing much about the subject. I applaud their interest in diversity- but sometimes, bad representation is worse than no representation. To mark the end of #BiWeek, […]

  • Baltimore Comic Con Hotel and Parking Guide

    The Geekiary is headed to Baltimore Comic Con! There’s less than a month until the convention opens, and things are a little extra hectic because the Baltimore Marathon is the same weekend. It’s time to nail down hotel and parking arrangements if you haven’t already. Don’t panic! We’ve put together a reference guide to help […]

  • How To Write Bisexual Characters Who Read Like Actual Bisexual People

    Whether you’re hashing out a screenplay, writing a novel, or adding a chapter to your 36-part epic fanfic, representation is important. That goes double when writing about groups you don’t know much about – and since it’s #BiWeek, we’re going to focus there. Too many writers don’t know how to write bisexual characters who feel […]

  • Uplifting Shows For Days You Need A Little Extra Encouragement

    Today is the National Day of Encouragement, and we need a little morale boost now more than ever. It feels like the world is a bully lately – good guys never win, bad guys are constantly rewarded, there’s a gritty reboot of everything, and being kind and silly isn’t “cool” anymore. Don’t panic! Fandom is […]

  • There Are Two New Disney Subscription Boxes If You Need More Mouse In Your House

    Subscription boxes are kind of a fun gamble: some “meh” items, some super cool exclusives, and everything in between. This month, you can order the two new Disney subscription boxes they announced at D23, the Disney Backstage Collection and the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection. -*Read our before commenting.* Please do not copy our content in […]