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  • Supernatural DallasCon: Day 1

    Supernatural’s convention in Dallas is famous for “bringing the boys home” to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s home state of Texas. As the last convention before Season 9 of the CW series begins and with several episodes filmed, fans are hopeful for more information from behind the scenes, are searching for spoilers, and are hoping […]


    Returning for part two of the Geekiary review of Supernatural Season 8, we’re going to be applying the Supernatural Report Card once more to the middle episodes of the season using our Supernatural Report Card. The SPNRC rates 23 specific areas of plot, script, cast useage, production, performance, characterization and satisfaction to offer a grade […]

  • Supernatural Season 8: Grading season “GR8” – Part 1

    Being a Supernatural fan can be hard. SPN is an emotional show that yanks us through the full range of reactions, and leaves us reeling regularly. We’re constantly in fear of our favorite characters being killed, maimed, tortured or abused, because they’ve shown that no character is safe, no relationship is sacred, and that for every […]

  • The Veronica Mars Movie: Why You Should Care

    A long time ago, we used to be friends. . . I’ll admit, I once took part in flooding the CW offices with bizarre mail in order to try and make my voice heard about a TV show.  Before Feathers for Castiel (you can stop now, guys, we’re getting our angel back) there were Cloud Watchers […]