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Voice of Baceprot
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Indonesian all-girl metal rock band Voice of Baceprot utilizes a wide range of music influences, including funk metal and rap-rock, to create their own style. While the band has garnered worldwide attention because the members are Muslims wearing hijab and playing Western metal rock, Voice of Baceprot serves as an exploration of creativity without giving up cultural roots and religion.

First formed in 2014, Voice of Baceprot is a group of young Indonesian Muslim women from Garut, West Java. Vocalist Firdda Marsya Kurnia plays guitar, Euis Siti plays the drums, and Widi Rahmawati does bass. The band had their start with covers of songs from Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, and other Western metal rock bands. After becoming popular through social media, they’re now working on their original tracks. Voice of Baceprot’s 2018 debut single School Revolution further shows their perseverance and talent.

Baceprot means “noisy” in Sundanese. The band’s music aside, Voice of Baceprot had to overcome social and cultural barriers to get where they are now. In an interview from Loudersound magazine, Euis recounts the reception they had received during their first gig at an Islamic school. Marsya adds that their parents had discouraged them from playing afterward, but the band continued on in secret for a year. Conservative Muslims oppose the band, although others have been supportive. Marsya and the other members carry on despite the death threats and calls to stop playing.

Voice of Baceprot is making noise in their hometown and international media, although of course they’re not the only all-girl band in Indonesia. Metal rock gives Voice of Baceprot a creative outlet while not abandoning their Islamic faith and cultural values. Their debut single School Revolution (produced by Stephen Santoso) has attracted listeners and professionals in the music industry, leading to invitations to world festivals and events. School Revolution expresses the human desire to explore and progress ourselves without societal constraints. The band believes that schools should be a space for children and young adults to branch out without sacrificing their religion.

You can watch more about Voice of Baceprot on their YouTube channel.

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