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SyFy Channel renewed Killjoys, its SF adventure series about a team of space bounty hunters, for a third season. We don’t know much about the new season yet, and Killjoys fans have a bit of a wait before it arrives, but here is something to help tide you over. The Geekiary recently chatted via email with the delightful Thom Allison, who plays the bartender Pree.

Read on to find out his thoughts on playing the kickass side of Pree and his spot in the Killjoys family, the role of fandom and social media, if we’ll see Pree sing again, and a bit about Thom’s cabaret in Toronto.

The Geekiary: In season two of Killjoys, we got to see that Pree has a more ruthless side, and something about his past. Are we going to find out even more in season three?
Thom Allison: I hope so. Michelle Lovretta (the show’s creator) and the writers aren’t telling us anything. They are being very sly. Also, Michelle has intimated on social media that we may get to see/know more about Warlord Pree. Yummy!

TG: Any other hints you can tell us about season three? (We’re not too proud to beg!)
TA: I wish!

TG: It was great seeing Pree working more with the Killjoys. Do you enjoy doing action scenes? What is most challenging about those, versus doing more humorous or emotion-driven moments?
TA: It was really fun to get a weapon in Pree’s hands. I’d never done action scenes before onscreen. What is challenging is making the physical life believable. “Selling” the shots and making it look like it was “natural” for Pree when we finally see him handle weapons.

TG: Where do you think Pree is happiest? Is it The Royale, with his friends there—giving people a space where they can stop running for a little while? Or something else?
TA: I think Pree really loves the Royale. It’s a place he got to create and build into something. But I’ve always felt there is some place else that has a piece of his heart that he isn’t able to go back to or won’t go back to that could lead to an interesting storyline.

TG: How does Pree see himself within the Killjoys family?
TA: I think Pree loves the Killjoys and sort of sees himself as a big brother to the gang. Available to give advice or help them out with his many and mysterious resources.

TG: What do you most enjoy about being part of a science fiction series?
TA: I have to say, the fans. We have the most engaging, supportive, imaginative fans and they have been a constant source of delight. Like our own cheerleaders. I’ve been amazed at how dedicated they are to the show and the details and the nuance. I love details and I love that our fans notice everything.

TG: Do you think we’ll get to see Pree sing again on Killoys? We got a few seconds in season two!
TA: Hahaha. I don’t know. The response to Pree singing was so positive. Michelle wanted to find a way for it to happen since she found out in Season 1 filming that I was a singer as well. She’s is so freakin’ clever. If she wants it to happen and if the fans want it to happen, she’ll make it happen. But she has a lot to pack into each season.


TG: You seem very comfortable interacting with fans online. Social media interaction has become an increasingly important aspect of the relationship between fans and creators. Any thoughts on how you think it’s going to keep evolving in the near future?
TA: What an interesting question. I’ve more recently been learning about how to bounce around social media. It’s an interesting relationship between fans and creators. There has to be a balance. Fans love the creators because the creators express/perform their art form from their personal perspective. Creators love fans because it reflects the creators being true to their art form. If the creator takes too much guidance from their fans, it skews the creator’s perspective. If the creator ignores the fans’ perspective, the creator can become out of touch. But it does seem to me that as time goes on, the relationship is becoming more interactive which may just create some new forms of expression.

TG: You have a cabaret in Toronto, Shut Up, It’s Christmas! What do you enjoy most about the show? As a performer, what is most appealing to you about doing cabaret in particular?
TA: Well, I play Mrs. Claus in the first act in full costume. I think what I enjoy most about the show is how people start off thinking it’s going to just be a campy turn, and by about 10 minutes in, they’re in the story and on the emotional ride of this fun and complicated “lady” – plus they are laughing and clapping away. When I discovered cabaret, I realized how much it suited my personality. Cabaret is a more intimate relationship with an audience. There is no fourth wall. You speak/sing directly to the audience and take them on a solo journey. I love having complete control of the evening.

TG: How does the energy differ when you’re doing a live show versus when you’re on a filming set? Are both environments charged, but in different ways?
TA: Film and stage are almost completely different animals. With film and TV, you do many different takes from many different angles and then the best bits are chosen by the director and/or editor. The camera is so close, you have to create a rich inner life and show it in the eyes. On stage, you have to have a much larger energy and the actor guides the show every night. For 2 – 2 1/2 hours, the actor creates a world for the audience. But they are definitely both charged. Lots of creative energy is in the room in both cases.

TG: If you could choose any type of character to play (outside of Pree), what would be your favorite?
TA: Delle Sayeh (drops the mic)

Author: Dot R

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