Is This Hannigram Fanart Going Up In The United States Capitol?

Hannigram Fanart
Art by Kathleen Palmer

Representative Andy Kim from New Jersey’s third congressional district has announced the winner of his district’s Congressional Art Competition, and the piece definitely looks like Hannigram fanart. And I’m totally here for it.

This delightful piece of (very likely) Hannigram fanart was created by Kathleen Palmer, a senior from Shawnee High School in Medford, New Jersey, and will soon be hanging in the United States Capitol along with the other winners of the contest from across the nation. Within minutes of the congressman tweeting out the picture, Fannibals noticed the similarities between the piece and our beloved OTP and responded accordingly.

The piece even got the attention of show creator Bryan Fuller, who liked the tweet from the Congressman as well as several reactions from Fannibals. If the piece just coincidentally happens to resemble the Murder Husbands, at the very least we aren’t alone in seeing the similarities. If the creator sees it too, maybe we’re right about it! Because, I mean, just look at it! That’s definitely them.

This isn’t the first piece of fanart to win a spot in the United States Capitol. There was a wonderful Captain America piece last year by Hyeri Chung from New Jersey’s ninth district (again with New Jersey!) from last year’s Congressional Arts Competition, which is also pretty darn cool. Captain America fanart feels slightly more expected in the United States Capitol, though. But either way, it’s extremely cool to see fandom represented like this. 

If this delightful (very likely) Hannigram fanart gives you the urge to go watch the show on Netflix, be aware that it’s leaving the streaming platform next month, so get on that soon. The clock is ticking!

Author: Angel Wilson

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