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I got the completely awesome opportunity to review Toynk’s Naruto Shippuden Home Good and Accessories collection and can I just start off by saying, WOW! The sheer quality and fan-centric love put into this merch is fantastic.

I was provided all of these licensed Naruto Shippuden items for free by Toynk to review. The opinions I have shared are my own. 

Upon opening the box from Toynk, I received an adorable Toynk Exclusive Naruto Uzumaki With Ramen Bowl Enamel Keychain (Sales One Studios) and two collection boxes (which I’ll get to in a bit). The exclusive keychain has Naruto holding a bowl of ramen noodles. It’s quite a sturdy piece, made from metal. It features an enamel inlay with a lobster claw clasp. It’s priced at $10.99.

naruto shippuden keychain toynk
Toynk Exclusive – Naruto Uzumaki With Ramen Bowl Enamel Pendant Keychain

As for the other two boxes, let’s talk about the Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Collector LookSee Box. All five items are Akatsuki-themed. It’s priced at $29.99.

You will get a soft enamel pin depicting the little red cloud (which is now lovingly displayed on my backpack). The box also has a beautiful wall canvas of Itachi, a pen with the signature Akatsuki symbol, a soft enamel Akatsuki keychain, and a chibi Itachi PVC charm lanyard (perfect for when con-going comes back).

Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Collector Looksee Box | Includes 5 Themed Collectibles
Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Collector Looksee Box | Includes 5 Themed Collectibles (Image: PR)

The Akatsuki Collector LookSee box contains simple items you can actually use and display to better showcase your love for the franchise. (Having finished binging Naruto Shippuden for the fifth time, I know what I’m talking about.)

Now, on to the largest box! The Naruto Shippuden LookSee Collector’s Box. This box is priced at $55.99 and you get your money’s worth. 

Talking about the box, we have the trio on one side, iconic stills of Sasuke and Naruto duking it out, Sasuke with his Chidori, and a Naruto with his Rasengan. The entire box not only stores an awesome stash but it’s a look piece, too.

Upon unboxing, I felt like a mega geek in the best way possible. The five items included a large smiling Naruto PVC keychain, a simply wonderful vanilla scented Akatsuki air freshener, a stunning mini shot glass (perfect for a Naruto watch party drinking game), and my favorites… a BPA free, orange water bottle. Yes, I’m geeking over a Hokage-themed water bottle. Kakashi, Minato, and waifu Lady Tsunade are killing it in their battle-ready poses, and, of course, a blanket featuring our golden boy Naruto Uzumaki, which, at the time of writing this, is currently wrapped around me, if you were curious.

naruto shippuden toynk
Naruto Shippuden Fleece Throw Blanket

For those interested, this particular fleece throw blanket measures 60 x 45 inches and is crafted from 100% polyester.

Here’s the unboxing video for all of the items!

Toynk has done such an incredible job!

The choices behind the art on the boxes, to the selected characters and their poses, a well-crafted shot glass for adults, and the rest, the quality is obvious. This is top-tier merch, guys. It makes me proud to be a Naruto/Naruto Shippuden fan. I’m glad we have cool merch that can be used by older fans around the house.

You can check all of these officially licensed Naruto Shippuden products at

Am I going to use all of this merch to flex on my friends a bit more? 


If you order using our Toynk affiliate link, it will help us earn a small commission to support this website. So, do consider using it.

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