Robin Issue 3 Review: “New Friends”

Robin Issue 3

Robin issue 3 is where things start to get real. Many of the contestants other than Ravager and Flatline are antagonistic and even combative toward Damian. Damian quickly learns that there is a lot more taking place on Lazarus Island than he could have guessed. He’s really going to need some friends in his corner!

There will be some spoilers below.

Robin issue 3 is more plot-based than action-based. Though the action that does take place is quite brutal! I don’t want to say that Damian seems to be in way over his head right now, but that’s really what it looks like. People are after him at every corner and anyone who is friendly toward him on the island could kill him at a moment’s notice. (One has already!) And with some of the mysteries Damian is trying to solve, our hero needs some people he can trust.

Robin issue 3 begins where the previous issue left off. Ravager is on a mission to teach Damian how to have fun and more importantly, make friends. It doesn’t start off well though because as soon as they reach the group of contestants, one of them immediately asks, “Who brought the narc?” Damian’s attitude doesn’t win many people over, but at least he has Rose and Flatline also seems to like him, right?

Damian makes a valiant effort to connect with the others by showing off his skills. He throws down 4 knives all at once which land between each one of his fingers. The others are impressed. They start to ask him about some of the other hardcore things he has done, but before he can get much out, they all start talking about things his father, Batman, has done. Well, Damian tried anyway.

Since Damian didn’t really have any luck making any headway with the others, he decides to venture off on his own where he connects with Connor Hawke who is according to Rose, Damian’s greatest competition on the island. He is also the son of Green Arrow. They are able to connect a bit over their fathers being superheroes, but sadly their comradery doesn’t last. It looks like the two are on opposite sides and things do not look good for Damian by the end of the issue.

Writer Joshua Williamson is continuing to write a comic that is not only fun but goes a little deeper as well. Already you can see glimpses of the journey of growth that Damian is on. It’s his hero journey. Williamson does a good job of furthering the plot with this issue without making it feel like filler. The story is progressing and we’re getting closer to the big unknowns as well. I have a feeling that Damian has no idea what is in store for him.

Gleb Melnikov’s art remains one of the biggest highlights of the series and I will definitely miss seeing his art in issue 4. (He’ll be back starting with issue 5!) He pays so much attention to detail and each of his characters stand out on the page. Melnikov even draws a Ra’s Al Ghul that people find attractive, which was something I did not see coming!

I will say that I did miss seeing more of the manga Damian was reading in the previous two issues, though Rose and Flatline do talk about the fact he does read manga. Hopefully, we’ll get to see that story progress more in the next issue.

Overall I found Robin issue 3 to be an excellent continuation of the story with some fun moments between Damian, Rose, Flatline, and Connor. I did end up feeling pretty bad for Damian though by the end of the issue. It seems like he is so alone.

Damian has run off from all of his family and he doesn’t really have anyone that he can trust on Lazarus Island. Not to mention, when he was facing some very real danger, he called out for Alfred and his father. With Alfred being dead and Bruce being far away in Gotham, you can’t help but feel bad for the boy. I’m hoping he’s able to reconnect with his family in a positive way, sooner rather than later!

Author: Jessica Rae

Jessica has a BA in music with an emphasis in voice and spends her day typesetting, editing, writing, and moderating webinars. Jessica primarily reviews anime and comic book series. She also offers insights on various movies, books, games, and other geeky topics.

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