Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2 – In Conclusion…

We’ve been awfully quiet about Sherlock spoilers lately, haven’t we? Well, they’ve kind of hit a filming hiatus. It appears that episode two has finished, but everyone is busy until “late July.  So right now episode three is just being teased by the director with nothing really too solid at this point.  Nick Hurran will direct and it’s written by Moffat, but that’s all we really know. But a lot of stuff happened to finish up the second episode that we didn’t report on in our last update (over a month ago!  Egads!), so let’s catch up!

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The mustache is back. At this point the general consensus is that the mustache features in flashbacks or possibly “pick ups” (refilming scenes of an earlier shoot). There has been some timeline confusion as Freeman was spotted both with and without the mustache during the filming of the first episode. The fact that all of the shots of him with a mustache are by himself whereas scenes shot with Sherlock are missing the giant lip caterpillar lend some more weight to these theories.

There’s also a big thing about Sherlock with the Queen’s Guard.  He puts on the hat and marches behind them.  The scene was shot at the former home of the Duke of Wellington, so it’s not entirely clear what the context of the shot is.  He marches with them for a while and then turns and removes his hat and the whole thing is rather silly really.  But honestly, this spoiler has been everywhere including The Daily Mail, so there’s not much new to say on that front.

Another important note is that Sherlock and John have a rather serious conversation on a bench.  I’m sure there will be lots of super serious conversations between them considering the whole faking his own death thing, John and Mary’s wedding, and everything that happened leading up to the fall.  It’s interesting to get a little glimpse at one.  I’m sure there will be many fangirl tears shed over scenes like this.  Stock up on tissues and chocolate.  It’s also fun to see them break character and smile in that shot, though.  What a contrast!

And of course there has been a ton of filming at North Gower Street, the home of 221 b, along with for rent signs on the building across the street.  And the Internet was there.  Without the people in that crowd we would not have the information that we have.  So to everyone in that shot, thank you!  Keep rocking #Setlock.  We appreciate it.


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