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  • How Geeks Can Get Through the Trump Presidency

    It’s going to be a tough four years as we try to get through the Trump presidency, but we’ve got to stick together and be active.  RESIST. It shouldn’t be a surprise that The Geekiary’s staff is peopled with liberals, progressives, and fierce independents.  After the election of Trump we wrote Progressive Geeks: We Have Work […]

  • Fans Petition to Revoke Adam Baldwin’s Pop Culture Expo Invite

    There’s been increasing controversy around Australian pop culture expo Supanova’s decision to invite outspoken GamerGate supporter Adam Baldwin to conventions. It was announced that Baldwin, who is credited with creating the GamerGate hashtag, had been invited to attended conventions in Sydney and Perth in June, 2015. In response, a petition was created to “Revoke Adam […]

  • How the “True Fan” Phenomenon is Destroying Geek Culture

    In recent years “True Fan” phenomenon has spread through many aspects of geek culture, from gaming to comics to science fiction – it’s tearing many fandoms and geek subcultures apart at the seams, and making people feel uncomfortable in what should reasonably be welcoming shared spaces. The concept of a “True Fan” can come in […]

  • Hey, Female Gamers: Don’t let the #gamergate hate stop you!

    I may be a bit late to the game (pardon the pun), but Felicia Day’s recent post on her Tumblr seemed like better-than-average prompting to finally talk about the somewhat recent issue of “GamerGate“, which is supposedly a movement that is fighting for proper ethics between video game developers and the online gaming press. The […]