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  • American Horror Story: Cult 7×1 Review: Election Night

    Unlike previous seasons, American Horror Story: Cult, takes place in the modern time. Even My Roanoke Nightmare was focused on historical occurrences and mystery. “Election Night” decides to focus on two large events in 2016: The Presidential Election and the evil clown sightings that occurred all over the United States. The opening credit scroll for this season […]

  • Favorite Horror Themed TV Show 2016

    Welcome to the Geekiary’s fourth annual Horror Themed TV Show poll!  This is the first year where Hannibal hasn’t been eligible, which means anyone can take the top spot.  That’s right!  Hannibal won in 2013, 2014, AND 2015! Who’ll take home the title this year? Some ground rules! All shows must be “Horror Themed.”  This […]

  • Blair Witch: More of the Same

    More screaming and shaky cam in this sequel to the 1999 film. A group of young adults set out on a poorly planned trip to the woods to make a documentary in Blair Witch. Huh. That sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it? -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. […]

  • WiSHCon: The First Ever Convention Celebrating Women in Sci-Fi and Horror

    As soon as I heard about WiSHCon on Twitter, I immediately researched and found out as much as I could about the inaugural event honoring women who work in and create Sci-Fi and Horror. Indeed, WiSHCon stands for “Women in Sci-Fi and Horror Convention”, and we at The Geekiary are looking forward to supporting and […]

  • Get Your Nostalgia Fix With Goosebumps

    I was thrilled when the Goosebumps trailer hit the web. Growing up, I read the books, I watched the show, and the trailer was everything I wanted it to be and more. I’ll admit that maybe my expectations were a little too high going in. This may have intensified my feeling that, while the film […]

  • Favorite Horror TV Show 2015

    It’s October! That means it’s time for The Geekiary’s annual Favorite Horror TV Show Poll! Hannibal has swept the competition these past two years and, if the ‘cancellation’ continues (come on #SaveHannibal crowd, we can still save this show!), this may be their last year in the running. It had a narrow victory against Supernatural […]

  • ‘Crimson Peak’ Trailer Finally Arrives

    The ultimate in geeky cinema has finally reared its heads in the newly released trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Fandom has long been waiting for our first look at this Victorian horror film directed by the master nerd himself, Guillermo del Toro. Along with looking like a deliciously shivery haunted house movie, the […]

  • The Anxiety of Motherhood: Review of ‘The Babadook’

    I’m a feminist and I love horror movies. You won’t believe the amount of surprised looks I get when that little tidbit of information is let out. People just don’t seem to understand the appeal of horror to a woman. Women see horror films with their boyfriends so they can get cuddled, right? Otherwise, women […]