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  • Steven Universe Soundtrack Rockets Up Billboard Charts

    Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1 was launched on June 2nd across all major digital platforms. Less than two weeks later, it has proven to be an out-of-this world hit. Fans clamored for the chance to listen to lovingly remastered songs from the Emmy-nominated television series, catapulting the Steven Universe Soundtrack up the billboard charts worldwide. […]

  • Aivi and Surasshu AMA Interview Highlights

    The girl plus robot composing duo Aivi and Surasshu spent hours on the Steven Universe subreddit answering fan questions about their work on the show and beyond. Be sure to check out their Soundcloud, where they upload tracks from the SU soundtrack! On the Process The composition process for Steven Universe begins with the duo receiving […]

  • Best of Steven Universe’s Season 1 Score

    There is a long list of things to love about Steven Universe. A lot of praise gets heaped onto the characters’ songs, and with beautiful lyrics and stellar singers, it’s not hard to see why. We wanted to take a step away from showstoppers like “Stronger Than You,” and focus on the the “electro-cute” score […]