Watching Taken the Miniseries (part 8)


We pick up two hours after the last episode ended. The survivors of the hostage situation have reappeared and Allie is gone. And it also appears that the Crawford’s finally have what they have been after for three generations.  They’ve lied, cheated, and killed, but the alien’s half century long experiment is finally theirs.  Basically we’ve hit the climax of the show, folks.  Hope you’ve been enjoying the right because things are escalating really fast now.

Lisa and Charlie are led by a guide in search of their daughter

Lisa and Charlie are now a cohesive unit in the search for Allie. Whatever struggles they may have faced under normal circumstances don’t matter anymore. All that matters is finding Allie. They travel to the remote reaches of North Dakota to track her down and face the dangers of the wilderness with a man they met in a bar.  They stare down soldiers with guns that could end their lives in an instant and barely even blink.  But who cares?  They have Allie so the danger doesn’t matter.

This episode also gives us even more insight into how Allie affects those around her. Though she is essentially being held hostage by the government, she makes friends with a soldier who takes the time to read to her and make her feel safe. This may start out as a surprisingly altruistic act on his part, but the comfort that she seems to provide him, the memories of his mother that she stirs up just by listening to him read, makes the benefits of their encounter flow both ways.  As I mentioned in my last article, Allie is kind of amazing.  She’s the type of kid you’d want as a best friend, even if you’re an adult.  She’s pretty kicken rad, honestly.

Mary Crawford and Dr Chet Wakeman watch the UFOs converge in the sky above North Dakota

In this episode Mary Crawford displays more of the traits that she quite clearly inherited from her grandfather. Last episode she killed her father in cold blood to keep the project going. Now that it’s been taken away from her she pulls out all the stops to remain a part of it. She, just like Lisa and Charlie, travels out to the remote region of North Dakota where they are holding Allie and is completely unafraid of an army of elite soldiers with scary looking weaponsl. Despite the fact that I think both her and her grandfather are enormous jerks, she’s extremely cunning and clever and for that I give her some props (small props… itty bitty baby props).  For a brief period of time I was almost rooting for her.  Almost.  Then I remembered, oh yeah, she kidnapped a child and killed her father so she kind of sucks.

The episode concludes with the aliens finally coming for Allie, proving Wakeman’s theory correct, albeit a bit delayed. The army does as they’d planned to do and take the craft out with their weaponry, much to the chagrin of Wakeman and Mary Crawford. It crashes and takes out some of the military operations in its wake, somehow managing to screw over the pesky humans even when careening out of control from the sky. When it lands Mary gives caution to the wind and runs towards the downed craft.  Wakeman puts his own life at risk and stops a soldier from shooting her, proving that his feelings for her, however misplaced I feel that they are, are genuine.  Mary enters a huge beam of light emitting from the crafts side and nobody quite knows what’s happening. When the light flashes out of existence it takes Mary with her, leaving behind a mass of confuse spectators and a seriously damaged Military operation.


Author: Angel Wilson

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